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Week 16 - Saints 29 vs Raiders 26

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009


    Saints Injuries Pile Up More - Game Slips Through Raiders Fingers
    Oakland, CA- Savage Mason Reporting


    Another week and another injury - seems to be the theme for the Saints now-a-days. Saints travel to face their long time friend, for the 2nd time in as many weeks, Sav and his Raiders. Raiders are, like the Saints, fighting for their playoff lives. This would be a very good game, and a much needed win by both teams.​

    Here's a look at how these two teams matched up:

    Saints would struggle with energy level. They came out flat and the Raiders made them pay. Saints couldn't seem to get into this game until very very late in the game. Dumb mistakes, injuries, and great plays by the Raiders done them in.​
    Raiders would get the ball and both teams would trade punts. Raiders would get on the board first with a 49 yard fg by Janikowski - 3-0 Raiders.​
    After a pick by Brees, the Raiders would punch it in from 1 yard out with McFadden. 10-0 Raiders quickly.​
    Saints would have to wake up and wake up quickly. Saints put the ball in brees hands and he drives them down to the 1. Bush punches it in from the 2 to make it 7-10 Raiders.​
    With just seconds left in the 2nd quarter the Raiders punt the Bush. Bush was just seconds from breaking it all day and finally on this play, 2 miss tackles and a great cut back Bush breaks it for 88 yards to take a 14-10 lead - Saints.​
    Saints would come out after half trying to make Tucker, rookie WR, their new Henderson. Brees would hit him on a 45 yard td pass as he used his strength to get behind the D. 21-10 Saints in control.​
    The rest was defense for both team. Raiders nail the Saints deep, within the 2 yard line, and rush the corner on a 3rd down to get Brees for the Safety. Just a great play by the de. 21-12 Saints.​
    4th quarter was all Raiders. Carlson would grab a 4 yard td pass from Parris. Parris would be hitting his te's all day long, and they were the only threats other than McFadden that the Raiders had. 19-21 Saints.​
    As time began to run out on the game, McFadden and his Raiders would punch it in to take the lead with just over 2 mins to go in the game. 26-21 Raiders.​
    Saints knew they had to make something happen and happen fast. They put the ball in Brees hands, used their time outs very wisely and finally Brees hits Graham on a 13 yard post route in the teeth of the Raiders defense to take a 29-26 lead with 30 seconds left. Saints hit Garcon for the 2 point conversion.​
    Raiders were not able to do anything with the ball after the kick, and Saints get the ball on downs.​

    Scoring Summary:

    Player & Team Stats on the game:

    GG Sav. That was another classic battle between two old foes. Thanks for a great game.

    Player of the game:
    QB Drew Brees

    Drew is missing his top weapon and Bush was totally shut down by the speedy Raiders D. Brees still carried this team. 2 dumb picks, which were just great plays by a speedy cb, yet drew still drove his team to the game winning drive. Drew is simply the best player the saints have on o right now and if he can just keep the int's down, the saints have a chance. Problem is the defensive injuries, the weight will be on drews shoulders. 250 + yards and 2 tds, almost a 4K passing season. Drew needs to do more of this to carry the Saints deep.

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