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Week 16: Titans(44) vs Raiders(14)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bigox1337, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. bigox1337

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Titans win big, Coach Ox sends major props to coach winuvas
    Coach Winuvas of the OMFL Detroit Lions played a key part in the titans win over the raiders on sunday. Coach Winuvas and Coach Ox had a round table with Titan defensive assignments/responsibility the topic.
    Week 16 in the OMFL brought some of the longer tenured coach/owners together for a east coast west coast AFC battle. Coach Ox and the (9-5) titans were down on their confidence, after putting up 38 and 45 points in recent games and still losing the key games needed for a playoff berth. After spending 40 million dollars in the offseason just on defensive help, Coach ox relized the problem may be more about the scheme, less about personel matchups, and a good friend in the omfl came in with an outside opinion. More on this later. After a huge win secured the AFC east crown for the Kansas City Cheifs earily in the day, the (7-7) raiders didnt have much to play for and it showed in sundays game.

    The raiders got the ball first in the game, and strung together a long drive of 10+ plays for the opening score. Raiders RBs Mcfadden and Bush were carving up the Titan defense and Coach Ox seemed worried, he may have thought he made a mistake changing up his Base D and scheme. Raiders 7-0.
    The Titans offense was never the problem with the team in the recent games, and it didnt take them long to get started agaist the raiders. On the titans first play, CJ took the power run to the right and after a HUGE spin move put Raiders SS michael huff on his butt, CJ runs 75 yards untouched for the tieing TD. 7-7
    Raiders must have liked what they saw on the CJ play becuase on a the first play on the drive, Raiders RB Mcfadden cut back agaist the grain on a power play, and then went 75 yards also for the score. The raiders jump back on top 14-7 just as quickly as the Titans tied it. Coach ox sweating bullets on the sideline was heard on the sideline swearing and said "Not another shootout."
    The Titans could only add a FG on the last possession of the quarter to bring the score to 14-10 Raiders to end the first quarter.

    Coach Ox must have really layed into his defense during the quarter break becuase they looked totally different coming out in the second quarter. The titans defense, lead by CB finnegan and ROLB Ware, started to get pressure on the raiders QB, started to get turn overs, and shut the lid on all passes and runs longer than 3 yards and the raiders would not score in the quarter. HB Marion Barber would get a rare recieving TD to start the quarter and bring the titans the lead again. 17-14.
    After an interception gave the titans offense good field posistion again, it wasnt long before VY started to get warmed up. Coach ox, seeing the 7 man front and big blitz, audibled to a pass and VY lofted it to the wide open TE Stevens for the 26 yard TD right down the middle 24-14 Titans.
    On Raiders QB Matt Leinart's next pass, he was hit as he threw by newly aquired FA LE H. Davis and the pass went right to DT Jason Jones and the big man rumbled 23 yards for the Touchdown to extend the lead to 31-14.
    The titans added a FG as time expired to end scoring in the half 34-14 Titans.

    The raiders came out of the half needing to come back quick and they started with a onside kick to begin the half, after the failed attempt and the short field. It wasnt long before VY found another wide open WR after the raiders blitzed 8 defenders again. WR Williams caught the 13 yard pass to extend the lead and ice the game. 41-14 Titans. The raiders would try to convert every 4th down in the 4th quarter and failed on most. Coach ox on the titans only concern in the second half was keeping the clock running. Score at the end of the third 41-14.

    More failed 4th down attempts doom the raiders, unable to convert, the titans keep the clock running in the 4th quarter. The titans added a FG in the 4th quarter to end all scoring in the game. 44-14 Titans.

    Only one more game left in the regular season of the OMFL and the raiders are looking forward to the offseason already. The titans, after costly losses in weeks past, are on the outside looking in on a playoff birth and do not hold their own destiney anymore. For the Titans to clinch the 6th seed, they must win next week agaist the colts and the jets must lose agaist the dolphins who are fighting for first round bye and division title.

    GG Savuante, you had me sweating after that first quarter when i couldnt stop you at all. GL in week 17 game and this offseason. Hope you can bring the raiders back to contention after an good offseason. Sorry bout the 3pm game cancel.

    Player of the game
    Vince Young - 11-12 180yards 3TD0INT 158.3 QB rating
    Major Props to winuvas, helped me bigtime on defensive personel and everything seemed to be spot on, these players stats are directly influenced by winny's advice.​


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