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Week 16

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by ChickenOfTheSea, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. ChickenOfTheSea

    ChickenOfTheSea TMFL Goat Herder

    Jul 24, 2009
    Week 16

    Post Summaries here.
  2. ChickenOfTheSea

    ChickenOfTheSea TMFL Goat Herder

    Jul 24, 2009
    wk 16 Seattle - Green Bay

    Whoa baby.

    Seattle runs its streak to 7 in a row. Setting up the last game @ home vs Tennessee as a huge one. 4 NFC teams sit at 6 losses or less, in contention for 2 wildcard spots. Making each game for Seattle a must win.

    And San Francisco refuses to lose and take the pressure off.

    Week 16 it was traveling to GB to take on the Packers, who have just been unlucky this season, playing great D. Heck their first 5 games were lost by less than a TD each.

    Add to it the chance to play spoiler. and ruin Seattle's season.

    To the game:

    First quarter Seattle wins the toss and takes the ball. driving fairly easily, although we were plagued by lag throughout the game. dunno if it was the distance or day of the week or what.

    Anyhoo, Seattle stalls at the 25 and has to settle for a 38 yard FG. Mare drains it. 2 passes on the drive were caught by open receivers for seattle then hit and driven back 5+ yards before they broke the tackle, and ended up losing yards.

    Force a 3-out and then get back on offense. But Hasslebeck throws a STUPID int. Apparently the pressure of playing mistake free ball is building.

    3-0 Seattle after 1 qaarter.

    Now G.B.s D starts to get their game on, as Masler called a lights out shell D, that put those talented Lbs in space to make plays and more than anything cover up all the passing lanes. meanwhile Richard Seymore was having a monster day, he would finish with 7 solo tackles.

    Seattle gets another FG, to stretch the lead to 6-0.

    Then fortune smiles. G.B. stalls, then Seattle returns the favor, on the punt, GB return man Willie Blackmon, elects to bypass the FC with 2 unblocket Seahawks bearing down on him. I'm sure just trying to make a play. Bang-bang hit, and a fumble, recovered by CB Reeves who hops over a flailing Blackmon and makes it 13-0 Seattle. Finally some breathing room.

    that play would be the difference even though the score doesnt show it. otherwise GB can keep smashing Westbrook into the line wearing out Seattles D and get back into the game.

    Instead the half ends with Seattle up 2 scores.

    Green bay comes out with a major adjustment opening the half and drives end-to-end for the TD HB Jackson spells Westbrook on the scoring rush.

    13-7 Seattle.

    And suddenly its nail biter time.

    Past 2 weeks Seattle had watched leads evaporate in the 2nd half. a sort of "here we go again" was developing. and sure enough GB Gets another stop. helped out by a fumble that Seattle hangs onto through the dumb fight for the fumble.

    Its a 3-out for the 'hawks and the Pack gets it back against a tired Seattle D. they drive to the 5, but LB Aaron Curry makes probably the play of the game. (Ok not really that play comes later) but it was a huge play, as he cracks around the left end coming down the line, and makes a one on one tackle on the toss play against westbrook, for a 4 yards losss and forces G.B to kick the FG.

    13-10 Seattle. I'm telling you I was under 100 yards passing at that point. definitely my worst game in recent memory.

    'Hawks punt, nothings working, GB has us by the nads. we have 6 points on Offense, a dumb luck Special teams score and are getting our asses whipped by Westbrook.

    Somehow Hawks stiffen, and forc a punt with a heavy pressure rush on Rodgers.

    30 seconds in the 3rd quarter and Seattle knows its score or lose the game. D is gassed and Masler's Boys are playing lights out.

    So, score we must. packers whiff on the punt and Seattle returns it to the Pack 47.Houshmazedah and FB Schmidt both make huge catches to convert 3rd downs, and then, Seattle calls the Shotgun sweep, to Backup Justin Forsett, and he finds a hole inside and breaks it for 20 to the 2.

    Arrington would score from there 20-10 Seattle, BIG MO!

    Rodgers with 6 minutes left. gets 'em going, standing in the tiniest pocket, he made passes like the DL didnt exist, and i was all but laying on his back.

    and Jennings and Driver, kept hauling them in.

    Finally, he goes into double coverage, and SS Dieon Grant snags it, manual Pick, in centerfield, and I make a move to get open and down the sideline, and just beat Westbrook into the endzone. for the POTG.

    GG Masler, Easily the best D I faced all year, I had such happy feet, that I kept moving, throwing late, I can count 4 passes that should have been picked, (although Rodgers threw trufant a flat pass that was 6, and he dropped it). you put defenders in the right spot all game. The final score was in no way respresentative of the actual game.
  3. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    yes it was a pretty good game, defense played one of there best for sure. your pass defense shut me down pretty good. Rodgers folded under the pressure. Next time I promise a much closer game lol
  4. Joe0705

    Joe0705 Banned

    Oct 14, 2009
    New coach Joe takes out the Baltimore Ravens 44-20, increasing the chances of making the playoffs. The game was fairly close until the Steelers got 2 forced fumbles, which slowly turned the game in the Steelers favor. Coach Joe is looking forward to playing the Dolphins next week, and hoping the chance at a playoff shot is still there!

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