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Week 17 Cowboys(24) Vs Jets(3)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by wajomatik, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. wajomatik

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 17 Cowboys(24) Vs Jets(3)

    Cowboys Finish Strong
    Well it seems as though Tim Tribow has answered a few questions after the Cowboys defeated the NY Jets 24-3. Sure he overthrew a couple of passes and he did throw 2 interceptions but he also completed 3 passes for TD’s and finished with 14 of 19 completed passes. “Tim played great, he came out there and made the throws he had too to set us up for the win. I had all the faith in the world in this kid coming into this game and he confirmed my faith wasn’t misplaced. Don’t let the Jets record fool you this is a talented team that played a tough game, it was a great win for us heading into the playoffs. Our defense also stepped up to the plate as they have done all season long and played exceptional.†The stout Dallas defense was probably more of the reason than Tribow’s performance for the Cowboys victory as they sacked Mark Sanchez 4 times and held Leron James to 15 yards on 9 carries. But as a Dallas fan you have to feel more secure about the playoffs after watching Tribow’s play. Tim had already shown in the week 16, against the Panthers, that he could get it done after Romo was carted off the field he came in the game and completed the game-winning pass hitting Driver in the corner of the end zone from 29 yards out. We all have seen what Tribow did in college, winning two BCS championships and a Heisman trophy with the Florida Gators, but the big question now is can he lead an NFL team to a playoff victory? We will soon find out as the Cowboys play the Lions in the WC round of the playoffs, as Dallas looks for revenge from the week 1 loss they suffered at the hands of the Lions.

    Key Stats
    Tribow, T. 14-19 2INT 3TD 175YRDS POG
    J. Witten 5REC 2TD 90YRDS
    T. Choice 15ATT 57YRDS

    M. Sanchez 14-26 151YRDS
    X. Hewitt 8REC 120YRDS
    L. James 9ATT 15YRDS

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