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Week 17: Jags 28, Colts 13

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by HAL9100, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Jul 15, 2011
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    Jags Win AFC South After Victory Over The Colts
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    7 weeks ago, everyone thought the Titans had the AFC South locked up. They had a huge lead and were considered one of the top teams in the NFL. 7 weeks later, the Titans had gone 1-6 to finish the season. Meanwhile, the Jags, who were 4-5 and 4 games behind the Titans, would go 5-2 and close that 4 game gap. With both teams being 9-7, the Jags wound up winning the AFC South thanks to having a better divisional record.

    For this game, it was all about MJD. The Colts actually did a good job stopping him in the 1st half and that forced Jacksonville to put the ball in the air on some crucial downs. Gabbert did well trying to respond to that but he ended up forcing a couple passes. One of those was in the Colts red zone in the 1st quarter. It ended up getting intercepted and killing a good drive. Shortly after that, the Colts would take a 7-0 lead on a deep pass from Manning to Collie.

    In the 2nd quarter, MJD started to get it going somewhat and the Jags were able to respond right back with a TD of their own. MJD would punch it in for a 13 yard run making it 7-0. The Colts kept up their progress though and would answer with a FG on their next possession and take a 10-7 lead into the half.

    MJD owned the 3rd quarter. The Colts had no answer and couldn't stop him. He would go on to score 3 rushing TDs in just this quarter. Now with a big 28-10 lead heading into the 4th quarter. The Jags got conservative and just wanted to run the game out. In addition to playing some tough defense in the 2nd half, the Jags were successful in doing that and closed out the game at 28-13.

    Upcoming: The Jags should be hosting a wildcard team next week. It will either be the Raiders(if the Broncos win) or the Titans(if the Broncos lose).

    Key Individual Stats

    Jax: Gabbert - 9/14 - 148 Yards - 2 INTs
    Ind: Manning - 11/25 - 208 Yards - 1 TD - 3 INTs

    Jax: Jones-Drew - 33 Att. - 261 Yards - 4 TDs
    Ind: Addai - 6 Att. - 37 Yards

    Jax: Underwood - 3 Rec. - 61 Yards
    Jax: Osgood - 3 Rec. - 41 Yards
    Jax: Lewis - 2 Rec. - 34 Yards
    Jax: Hill - 1 Rec. - 12 Yards
    Ind: Collie - 2 Rec. - 73 Yards - 1 TD
    Ind: Clark - 4 Rec. - 45 Yards
    Ind: Garcon - 3 Rec. - 83 Yards
    Ind: Wayne - 1 Rec. - 5 Yards

    Jax: 2 Sacks(Posluszny, Roth) - 3 INTS(Mathis - 2, Cox)
    Ind: 4 Sacks(Mathis, Harris, Moala, Foster) - 2 INTs(Powers, Afalava)

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