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Week 17 Ravens VS Bengals Recap

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by CTfromDC, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. CTfromDC

    CTfromDC Where my money?

    Mar 15, 2012
    Cincinnati, OH | The Ravens came to Cinci to close out the regular season. already locking up the division,and securing a playoff spot, ownership decided to sit all starters. The Bengals played the game out, but would have rather face the Ravens best.

    The game was uneventful really. Tyler Wilson got some good work, and was pretty efficient. The offensive line didn't do him any favors, allowing 8 sacks in the game. Mike Gillisee got 11 carries but couldn't get it going against the Bengals front 7.

    Johnson had for 4 scores today, 2 through the air, 2 on the ground. The quarterback finishes the year with a 3-5 record as a starter and looks to be the QB for 2014.

    The Bengals started the scoring by going up 7-0 in the second. They would would score again, and increase the lead to 14. Baltimore scored, but left enough time on the clock for Johnson to work. Bengals added another TD prior to halftime. 21-7 at the half. The Bengals added another score in the 3rd quarter, and pretty much ran the clock out in the 4th as it was evident that the Ravens weren't looking to win the game, just get some guys some work.

    gg to Ravens Josh Barnes and GL in the playoffs, see y'all soon.
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