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Week 17: Titans(32) vs. Ravens(24)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bigox1337, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. bigox1337

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 17: Titans(32) vs. Ravens(24)

    Titans celebrate a come from behind victory to end the season against the ravens.

    The Tennessee titans headed to Baltimore to end the OMFL regular season with intentions of a better playoff position and trying to keep star players fresh. The ravens came in with the season pretty much over and with sub coach saintsdave at the helm and he proved better than the jets 0-16 record indicated.

    The titans scored first driving the very first possession with CJ running the 6 yard TD to cap the nice starting drive. The ravens got the ball and also ran very well with very timely passes down field and equalized with 3 mins left in the quarter with a 6yd TD run by Brooks. The titans responded nicely and drove deep into Raven territory but stumbled and had to settle with a FG to end scoring in the first 10-7 titans.

    The ravens got more rthym on offense in the second quarter with the defense getting to the titans QB vince young and were making big plays. The only scores of the quarter were two TDs from hicks and wayne from 6 yards and 32 yards out respectively to put the ravens out front by a score of 21-10 to end the half. All the pressure of was the titans to once again make the second half comeback.

    The third quarter was dominated by both teams defenses until a momentary lapse of zone coverage by the Ravens defense gave the titans a window. Backup Titan RB Lendel White found a hole in the tough ravens zone 20 yards down field, broke some tackles and scored on the pass from 50 yards out to bring the score to 21-18. Defense was again key to close out the third but it ended with the ravens on a very nice drive looking to extend the lead back to 10.

    To start the fourth, the ravens had a nice drive going but the titans defense stepped up big time to force the FG to start the 4th quarter to only extend the raven lead to 6 points. The titans looked poor on offense until late late in the fourth, with 2 minutes left in the game on 3rd down, Vince Young was looking for a target in a heavy raven zone with 2 of the 3 defensive lineman got knocked down. Young saw this and ran the 11 yards for the go ahead score of 25-24 titans. On the ensuing kickoff, ravens kick returner Webb was leveled by the return team and the ball bounced right to the titans. The titans offense came out looking to run the clock down but CJ had other intentions. On a run right up the gut, CJ beasted up and broke a gang tackle and ran the 26yds to end the game with a score of 32-24.

    With the victory, it appears that the titans will be heading the short trip north to Cincinnati to start the wildcard round with a meeting with the bengals. The titans pressed for a victory this game due to the fact that a lose would have bumped them down to a meeting with the raiders. After a narrow victory against the raiders earlier in the year, the titans wanted to avoid a showdown with Joesph and all costs.

    Player of the game.

    Chris Johnson- 19rush 157yds 2TD, 4rec 63yds

    Box Stats:
    Young- 12-16 185yds 1TD1INT, 1rush 10yds 1TD
    White- 5rush 36yds, 1rec 50yds 1TD

    Flacco- 13-21 251yds 2TD1INT
    Brooks- 16rush 82yds 1TD
    Z. Miller- 6rec 145yds

    GG saintsdave. I look forward to seeing you next season in 11 with the colts. You a great player and i just got super lucky to get that fumble right there at the end. GG again and be easy on me next season when your the colts... please... Lol

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