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Week 2 #11 Oregon vs. Purdue

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by indywizzard, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. indywizzard

    indywizzard Guest

    Week 2 #11 Oregon vs. Purdue


    Oregon- 3
    Purdue- 41

    Total Offense-
    Oregon- 130
    Purdue- 336

    Oregon- 25-(-1)-0
    Purdue- 31-111-1

    Oregon- 13-35-0
    Purdue- 18-36-1

    Passing Yards
    Oregon- 131
    Purdue- 225

    Oregon- 6-5-1
    Purdue- 1-0-1

    Oregon- 10-108
    Purdue- 4-45

    Oregon- 11:03
    Purdue- 11:59

    Haha. I'm the highest ranked Purdue player and I lose to my own school 41-3 with a top ten ranked team.

    Show me we don't need to fix something?

    P.S. I was an option QB in high school. I know how to run the option.

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