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Week 2 (2013)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Wick36, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Jul 14, 2010
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    Apr 22, 2012
    Wick36 Just a heads up, I'm right in the path of tropical storm/hurricane Isaac, so I may be without power for a few days after tomorrow night once it hits Louisiana.
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    Jul 14, 2010
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    Apr 22, 2012
    Cowboys' Depth too much for Roadrunners
    Freshman Receiver Duo Shine
    Freshman Zac Butler (88) celebrates with fellow freshman Matt Russell (87) after scoring his first career touchdown.
    Football has finally returned to Stillwater Cowboy fans! Your Oklahoma State Cowboys have started the season strong with a 45-6 thumping of the second year FBS UTSA Roadrunners. The Roadrunners looked as though they were ready for a fight in the first half. The Cowboys only held an eleven point lead at halftime, but the superior depth of Oklahoma State eventually wore down the home team in the second half.
    Many questioned why Coach Gundy would allow this game to be played away from home, but the Coach had a plan all along, "We chose to play at San Antonio for recruiting purposes. We signed 90% of our 2013 recruiting class from the state of Texas, and I want to keep the ties we have to the state. The Cowboy Classic has been a tremendous success the past two years with LSU playing Oregon and Alabama facing Michigan. You're displaying your product to a lot of Texas recruits and a game in UTSA's dome can give us even more exposure to these guys." There you have it folks, exposure, exposure, exposure.

    It took Clint Chelf and the Oklahoma State offense a little time to get into gear down in San Antonio. The veteran quarterback drove his team done the field on the opening possession, but the Black and Orange were unable to gain a first down on their next two possessions against a charged up Roadrunner defense. There were some notable changes to the Cowboy's style of play in the 2013 season opener. Coach Mike Gundy is definitely putting more emphasis on running the football. Chelf did not throw for at least 300 yards for the first time since the Texas game in 2012 in week 5. Chelf was knocked out of that game in the third quarter and was only able to manage 128 yards. This time it was not due to the defense, but more so the determination to run the ball and constantly facing a short field. Chelf finished the day at 17-21, 253 yds, 3 TD.

    Coach Gundy explained the change in offensive philosophy, "We want to throw it about ten times less per game than we did last year, so about 55-60% of our plays. We have a deep backfield with two talented seniors that will be getting most of the carries. Joseph Randle and Jeremy Smith are too valuable to not be used. We're also a little green at receiver. Zac Butler and Matt Russell have great potential and we are going to rely on them a lot this season, but they are just freshman. Speaking of which, they both looked great today. They didn't get many opportunities to catch the ball, but they did come through when the ball came their way. Both of them were able to get into the endzone and that's got to be a big confidence booster for them. As we get these guys more acclimated into the offense I think we may throw it about 65% of the time."

    The Cowboy defense also seemed a little shaky at the start of the game by surrendering a field goal on their first appearance, but they tightened down the clamps after that. The Roadrunner offense was only able to muster 150 total yards on offense, but there were many chances to lower that number even further. Two dropped interceptions and a missed fumble recovery allowed for the continuation of three UTSA drives. Despite the missed chances, this Black and Orange defense looked GOOD.

    There are many reasons to be excited about this 2013 Cowboys team. Don't miss next week's action when Oklahoma State opens Big XII play Thursday night on ESPN. The West Virginia Mountaineers will be visiting Stillwater for the second straight season due the conference realignment. Two great offenses will put the defenses to the test early.
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  5. GMONEY 15

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    Nov 24, 2011

    LSU opens with a 52-3 drubbing of Auburn.

    The Tigers put other SEC on notice that once again the LSU Tigers are for real.


    J Lo, the Big Booty Hoe....Full time Reporter for GMONEY TV and part time for ESPN and ESPN Deportes.

    This is J Lo, the Big Booty Hoe reporting live from Tiger stadium for GMONEY TV as the #2 team in the Nations the LSU Tigers kicked off their season with a SEC clash against the Auburn Tigers. This was the ESPN Prime time game of the week, Before the contest, the Tigers players and coaching staff were given the BCS Championship games from last season. It was an emotional gathering as the departed seniors from last years team came on to the field and received their rings alongside the rest of the players form LSU who were on the team from last year..The Tigers came out hitting anything that moved from the White jerseys of Auburn as they routed the hapless Auburn Tigers 52-3. You could tell that LSU was ready for this one as the last 4 days of intense 7 on 7 drills led up to no less than 10 fights between the offense and the defense. These Tigers were ready for war and they went out and played very well.

    Auburn had the ball first and the LSU defense forced a Punt. The Tigers than took their first drive of the season and drove right now the field with a punishing rushing attack led by the 3 headed Seniors. On a 3rd and goal Zach Mennenberger found Jarvis Landry from 6 yards out and the point after gave the Tigers a 7-0 lead. LSU then forced another Auburn punt and drove down the field once again,. However the Auburn defense held this time and LSU had to settle for a FG at the end of the QTR and jumped out to a 10-0 lead.

    In the 2nd QTR the ground game of LSU started to make some noise. LSU drove down the field once again and All SEC RB Spencer Ware capped off the drive by scoring from 5 yards out and LSU lead was now at 17-0. The next time the Tigers got the ball again it was similar to the last drive and they continued to pound the ball down Auburns defensive throats. Ware this time scored form 3 yards out and LSU now led 24-0. Auburn then took advantage of a LSU turnover and drove downfield and Cody Parker nailed a 53 yards FG to finally get the Tigers on the board as it was a 24-3 LSU lead. LSU had one play before HT. Mettenberger found Odell Beckham and he out raced the Auburn secondary all the way on a nice 75 yard TD play on the very last play of the half to give the LSU Tigers a commanding 31-3 half time lead.

    The 2nd half LSU went for Auburns throats on defense. Mettenberger found Beckham once again as he got past the Auburn CB on a fly pattern and it was a perfect pass and catch for a 74 yard TD and LSU led 38-3 and the rout was on. Coach GMONEY had a chance midway through the 3rd QTR to put the 2nd string offense and defense in the ball game as he didn't want to embarrass the Auburn Tigers on National TV. Michael Ford, the 2nd string rb scored from 4 yards out in the 3rd QTR and LSU lead now was a 45-3. the LSU 2nd unit on defense was hitting just as hard as their first unit. After finally getting their first pick of the season by back up Freshmen FS Derrick Raymond, the 2nd Unit once again began to pound the rock down field and Ford scored his 2nd TD of the game from 8 yards out to complete the scoring as the LSU Tigers moved to 1-0 on the season with a convincing 52-3 victory over the Auburn Tigers. Here's comes GMONEY walking up to the podium. Let's listen to see what he has to say to the media.

    [​IMG] # Auburn 0 3 0 0 3
    [​IMG] # LSU 10 21 14 7 52

    First Quarter
    2:01 TD [​IMG] LSU Jarvis Landry WR #80 6 yard TD from Zach Mettenberger QB #8 (Brad Wing P #38 kick)
    0:00 FG [​IMG] LSU Brad Wing P #38 34 yard FG
    Second Quarter
    4:09 TD [​IMG] LSU Spencer Ware HB #11 5 yard TD (Brad Wing P #38 kick)
    2:02 TD [​IMG] LSU Spencer Ware HB #11 3 yard TD (Brad Wing P #38 kick)
    0:07 FG [​IMG] Aub Cody Parkey K #36 53 yard FG
    0:00 TD [​IMG] LSU Odell Beckham WR #3 75 yard TD from Zach Mettenberger QB #8 (Brad Wing P #38 kick)
    Third Quarter
    5:57 TD [​IMG] LSU Odell Beckham WR #3 74 yard TD from Zach Mettenberger QB #8 (Brad Wing P #38 kick)
    0:07 TD [​IMG] LSU Michael Ford HB #42 4 yard TD (Brad Wing P #38 kick)
    Fourth Quarter
    2:33 TD [​IMG] LSU Michael Ford HB #42 8 yard TD (Brad Wing P #38 kick)

    Z. Mettenberger 10/13 290 3 2
    S. Rivers 1/2 31 0 0

    M. Ford 15 90 2 23
    S. Ware 15 84 2 20
    A. Blue 8 32 0 8
    T. Magee 1 5 0 5

    O. Beckham 3 189 2 75
    D. Gordon 2 43 0 31
    K. Boone 2 34 0 29
    J. Landry 2 28 1 22
    E. Sisk 1 16 0 16
    K. Hilliard 1 11 0 11

    Odell Beckham
    Wide Receiver | Speed
    Home Springhill, LA
    Height 5-11
    Weight 183
    Year Junior

    Player of the game...3 receptions 189 yards 2 td's

    GMONEY: What's up you bitches from the Media? Welcome to week #1 of the new season. Well what a way to open our season huh? I was a little concerned that we would come out flat after receiving our BCS Championship rings in the ceremony but it was really nice to see that the team came out with a purpose. I was very pleased to see that he offensive line was able to gel together so quickly and our running game was nice. I had a long heart to heart talk with Spencer Ware. I told him that we would love to have him back for his SR season but he would have to give up some of his carries to fellow SR Michael Ford. He advised me that it wouldn't be a problem so now we have 2 quality backs that can come in and give up tough yards on the ground. I didn't forget about Alfred Blue. He had a chance to transfer to another program but he really wanted to be a part of the Tiger family. He will get his 4 to 7 carries per game and play on the special teams. That's why he's one of our 5 captains on this football team is that he puts the teams needs in front of his own. i liked the way Odell Bechham played today. he knew he has some big shoes to fill as our Speedy receiver as All SEC WR Shepard graduated last year. With Odell only being a JR, he as the opportunity to do something huge and make his mark on this team over the next couple of seasons. I know he will make me proud. My Freshmen TE Evan Sisk played OK today. He did make some freshmen mistakes as most youngsters do but he will be fine. he was so excited after grabbing his first college catch that on the very next play, he missed an blocking assignment on the OLB and we had to pull him to the sidelines for a couple of plays. What can I say about my DEFENSE? Well they came out and played well in this game. Barkevious Mingo, my all SEC DE, has a chance to be real special this year. He had one hell of an off season conditioning program and he may even surprise people and can possibly become an All American candidate this season. Well I have said enough here folks as this is one of my longest post game news conferences in a long time. We have to get ready to prepare for TCU coming into town this weekend. Thanks for coming out. God bless and good night."

    There you have it folks. This is J, Lo, The Big Booty Hoe reporting for GMONEY TV live from Tiger stadium. Our next scheduled telecast is Saturday here again from Tiger Stadium as the 2nd ranked LSU Tigers entertain the Horn Frogs from TCU. until then, everyone be safe out there and have a good night.


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