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Week 2: College Gameday!

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by sawemoff, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    [\*Camera zooms in on The Paddlewheel Trophy/*]
    Rece Davis: This is what Pitsburgh and Cinncinnati will be playing for tonight, the coveted Paddlewheel Trophy of the River City Rivalry. I am your host Rece Davis and welcome to a special edition of College Gameday, rivalry style. Now lets start out and say that some of the biggest rivalries are with teams not many people follow. For instance the Battle for the Victory Bell which features one the Bearcats of Cinncinatti and the Miami(OH) Redhawks. Lee, do you know how many times these two teams have played for the bell?​
    Lee Corso: Well I am going to just look at my notes here and say 111 games.​
    [\*Rece shakes his head*/]
    Rece: You are correct and this game has been going on since 1888. Now back to the vocal point on our broadcast today, rivals. Every team has them whether they are in-state, conference or even battles across state lines. Each one of them is unique and paints a true picture of tradition and rich history. Kirk, before we get to the games let us all give an opinion about tonights affair.​
    Kirk Hebstreit: Certainly! First I got to say being from Ohio I have seen some of those Victory Bell games and let me tell you the atmosphere is electrifying. Cincinnati had an extra week of preparation while Pittsburgh played a roll over team. This could mean that Pittsburgh could have the upper hand due to having a game in Week 1.​
    Desmond Howard: I got to agree with you here, but you know Cinncinati is fired up and ready to come out guns ablazing. It is nothing like having to wait an extra week to play some football!​
    Lee: I do not think it matters one bit if the Bearcats had a bye and Pittsburgh had a game. The Panthers played a pushover and people at home have to remember this IS a rivalry game. Throw every thing out of the window because you do not know what you will get between these two teams.​
    Rece: Rightfully so Lee. Anything can happen on any given Saturday. Lets move on to what today has in store for us! Now let me mind you, this is not a very big rivalry but with conference play starting up every win is crucial, especially in the SEC. Des, start us off with the Auburn vs Mississippi State game.​
    Desmond: Auburn is coming off a stellar upset against a great team in Clemson. It was not a mistake free game though for Auburn. They had 3 turnovers which put them in a hole early making them have to fight to comeback and win this one with 35 seconds left in the game.​
    Lee: Here is another key to that game. Auburn went 4-4 in the redzone, and all of them were TDs. On the other hand Clemson went perfect but that great defense of Auburn held them in check forcing 2 of their redzone trips to be FGs. Mississppi State better watch themselves in this one. They played an FCS team tha pretty much laid down in the second quarter. I do need to point out though the Bulldog's rushing attack is for real. They have three guys rated over 80 and who combined for 332 of their 343 yards on the ground last week. Clemson, Mississppi St, and Auburn all run the power spread so look for both of these teams to settle in fast and show their hand early.​
    Kirk: You know Auburn was not suppose to win last week but they did it by interupting QB Tajh Boyd and his receiving corp. DT Jeffery Whitaker had a monster game by forcing Boyd to release the ball eary, sacking him, and forcing him out of the pocket for the rest of his team to clean him up. He had 4 TFLs and 2 sacks, while LOLB Jacob Westrich had a sack of his own with 2 TFLs. Even though the Auburn defense did not force a turnover they kept their offense in the game and gave themselves an opportunity to win. This is a reason why I hate when teams play FCS teams, not enough PT for their starters. Auburn just played a high pace game while Mississippi State slouched around on the sidelines. The Bulldogs will need to find a way to get around Whitaker or this my friends is going to be a long day for Mississippi State.​
    Rece: Looks like Auburn is definitely a favorite and by the looks of things this could be another special run for them. As for Mississippi State they will try and get some respect and knock Auburn off its high horse. Our next game is an in-state rivalry that started back in 1991, Michigan State vs Central Michigan. This is a new one on me, they have played off and on where Michigan State leads the series 5-3.​
    Lee: This rivalry started off with a bang in 1991. Michigan State was the defending Big Ten Co-Champion and entered the game ranked 19th in the nation. They were thought of as such a high favorite that odds-makers did not release point spreads for the game. Yet, the underdog Chippewas never trailed, beating the Spartans by a score of 20-3. Now if that is not a way to start off with a bang I do not know what is. The Chippewas could be in trouble because they had a very tough time against an FCS team squeaking out a three point victory. QB Ryan Radcliff is the person to watch in this game since he threw for a 63% completion rating, 349 yards and 4 TDs. This kid can really throw the rock and if the secondary of MSU is not ready they will be smelling like toast.​
    Kirk: Radcliff is an amazing QB and has had an amazing run at Central Michigan but do you know what beats a QB like him? Running the ball and playing keep away. MSU put up 192 yards on the ground against Central Florida and it was enough to get them the 42-39 victory. Their defense forced a fumble and was able to get to the QB twice. This defense will need to step it up if they expect to win this one.​
    Desmond: I always like these David vs Goliath scenarios because when an average Joe sees these two teams are playing, they are like, "yup them Spartans should roll'em." After two horrible games to start out the season these two teams will be ready to play and show they can make noise in their respective conferences. This is an interesting game with a ground and pound vs a spread passing attack. Will the MSU defense be winded by having to run all over the field or will the Chippewa defense get tired of tackling MSU's three headed monster?​
    Rece: This should be an exciting one to watch and you know the Chippewa students are excited about hosting this one. This next game is more of a familiar one to fans all over the country, Iowa State vs Iowa. The competition for the Cy-Hawk Trophy happens right around the annual Iowa State Fair so the folks in Iowa have fun and be safe. Iowa has definitely dominated this series but in the past decade this game has actually been a back and fourth affair.​
    Kirk: Rece the Cy-Hawk Trophy was actually retired after the 2010 game and now they have a trophy resembling a farm family with small children huddled about a bushel basket of corn. Iowa is always a team everyone thinks of as being a strong team year in and year out. Even though they had their struggles the Hawkeyes seem to do a good job rebuilding. Iowa State has always been a doormat in the Big 12 but now they are catching fire and is not one of those freebie wins anymore.​
    Desmond: You are right in that Iowa State is no slouch but they are coming off a very slow start this season. Their offense was enemic and was only able to procduce 281 yards and 14 points. The Cyclone defense held strong in the first half against Tulsa, holding them to 3 points, but once the second half came they got rolled for 34.​
    Lee: You want to talk about teams being no slouch? Check out this Iowa team. They rolled over a very decen team in Northern Illinois, 42-13. They played what I call "Hawk Ball" where they take a balanced pro-style attack and force fed you a dose of run. And when they got you thinking some more run is coming they [\*Corso whistles*/] hit you with the PA Pass. Iowa did not struggle in their first game and I do not think they will struggle in this one.​
    Rece: Slouch or no slouch all of these games will be fun to watch but as we edge closer to an even bigger rivalry our crew will step aside and take a break before breaking down this 91 year old off and on game.​
    [\*Camera goes down a line of students cheering*/]
    Rece: The River City Rivalry is an annual game played between Big East rivals University of Pittsburgh and University of Cincinnati. The rivalry itself is relatively new, played regularly only since 2005, during which season the rivalry trophy was introduced. The Paddlewheel Trophy is the rivalry trophy that was created in 2005 when the Bearcats joined the Big East Conference to which the Pittsburgh Panthers already belonged. Prior to 2005, the teams had met previously on only four prior occasions, most recently in 1981. However, the teams decided to create a trophy that would help their new conference rivalry grow and reflect the sports rivalry that already existed between the cities' professional football and baseball teams. The trophy is designed and named in honor the historic link between the cities from the days in the 19th and early-20th centuries when Paddle wheel-powered boats traveled between the two cities along the Ohio River. Pittsburgh leads the series 8-3 all time. We all remember what was on the line back in 2009 and here is a clip showing the game meant more than a torphy, it meant a BSC Bowl berth.​
    [\*Des. Kirk and Lee walk back up to the stage*/]
    Rece: As mentioned before in the broadcast niether team has been tested much. Pittsburgh rolled over a FCS team and Cincinnati sat on their couches for a weekend. Now guys tell us what you think will happen and how each team could come out with a victory.​
    Des: The Panthers are going to have to establish their run game early and show this game will be won in the trenches. RB Ray Graham and Isaac Bennett will have to patient and wait for their OL to create rushing lanes and hit them hard. Combined, these two went 41 Carries, 264 rushing yards and 4 TDs in last weeks victory. Mind you if neither one of theses guys can get going Pittsburgh has the luxury of relying on the arm of QB Tino Sunseri. This Senior has the leadership to put the Panthers in scoring position when need to and if it has to be a last second game winning drive he will definitely be up for the task. Sunseri will have some go to guys if he needs to chunk it up. WR Devin Street and Mike Shanahan are monsters on the ouside, both standing over 6'4". The running game was so dominate in Week 1 that these guys were not really involved but look for them to make some type of impact in this one. Defensively they are anchored with their front seven. JR DT Aaron Donald will need to be doubled teamed or he will have another hay day. He has already wrecked havoc in the back field forcing 2 fumbles, 2 sacks, and 5 TFLs! His counterpart on the DL is SO(RS) RE TJ Clemmings. He is bigger, faster and stronger than Donald which will create a lot of problems for Cincinnati's Tackles. Again they will need to have a RB, TE or FB to stay back and at least chip him so he does not have a big game. Clemmings also has 2 sacks, and 4 TFLs on the season. Playing good defense and running the ball will be key for Pittsburgh.​
    Kirk: You raise some good points there Des. Which OL will be able to hold their blocks long enough to make the plays they need to win. Cincinnati has an explosive offense with their spread attack. It will be run by QB Munchie Legaux who beat out SR Brendon Kay this past spring. He won the spot because he brings more options to the table then Kay. Munchie is fast, quick, agile and has decent enough arm to throw any pattern on the money. HE will be the keys that drive this offense up and down the field this season and hopefully to a victory over Pittsburgh. In the back field he has a dynamic vetran RB in George Winn. This scatback has not done much but it is not his fault with how the Bearcats have struggled the past few years so you can put the blame that. The receiving corp is strong as they have three starters coming back that played in the Liberty Bowl last year, Anthony McLung, Kenbrell Thompkins, and Alex Chisum. These offensive weapons will need to step it up and find the holes in this zone based defense of Pitt. Defensively the bearcats have always been a scrappy bunch. Not many people give them credit because they always has a great offense. Well let me tell you something, this defense has been able to make enough stops for their offense to run away with games. In this game will they make that one big stop to send Pitt packing with a L?​
    Lee: Now why is it that I do not get any fun with theses?!?!?!​
    Rece: Well Lee you do realize that the pick'em is your thing, right?​
    Lee: NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! I will give you my two cents and here it is. I will tell right before I make my pick [\*Corso smiles big at the camera*/]
    Rece: Well okay, without further a do here are the picks for this weeks games.​
    Auburn vs Mississippi State:
    Des: Auburn
    Kirk: Auburn
    Lee: Auburn
    Michigan State vs Central Michigan:
    Kirk: Central Michigan
    Des: Michigan State
    Lee: I'm going for the upset in Central Michigan!
    Iowa State vs Iowa:
    Des: Iowa
    Kirk: Iowa State
    Lee: Iowa
    [\*College Gameday Pick*/]
    Des: The game is in Cincinatti, the atmosphere is great but I do not think the Bearcat defense will be able to hold all 4 Quarters. Got to go with Pittsburgh in this one.
    Kirk: A power running game with going up against a power spread attack should turn out to be a great chess match between these two coaches. But I do believe Pittsburgh will dominate the trenches and take this one.
    Lee: Well, well, well now it is my turn to talk. Now this game is plain and simple so no need to go into detail with this one. I like the Bearcats chances in this one so let me..... [\*Grabs the Panther head*/] LETS GO PITT!
    [\*BOOS from the crowd*/]
    Rece: Well there you have it folks, another exciting day of college football. We would like to thank you for watching the show and have a glorious weekend.​

    [\*Camera focus's on Corso cheering at the table*/]

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    Jul 1, 2010
    Nice work again man (y)
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    Jul 25, 2010
    Can't say again how much I love this feature saw. Great work.
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  4. sawemoff

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    Dec 29, 2011
    Thanks guys, I will try my best to keep up with how fast the league is moving!

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