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Week 2 - Colts (48) @ Cardinals (45)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by mustang20241, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. mustang20241

    mustang20241 Walk On

    Sep 24, 2009
    Week 2 - Colts (48) @ Cardinals (45)

    First of all it was an absolutely amazing game.

    Great game coach France. You could really tell it was going to come down to the last drive of the game.

    The game started quickly in favor of the Cardinals, as they got the ball first and Beanie Wells took off for 45 yards and really got the momentum going. Dominating on the ground and a couple passes to Boldin, Cards get in on a 3 yard Fullback Dive. The colts get the ball and Peyton Manning throws a pick on the first play. The Cardinals then knifed through the Colts defense with Hightower and Wells yet again. 14-0

    Manning and the Colts responded with a 25 YD pass to Clark for the TD. On the next play from scrimmage the Cardinals Kurt Warner threw a INT which was returned 32 yds for the TD. On the next cardinals drive Warner again threw a pick to Dwight Freeney, now playing the ROLB position. Colts score again on a 26 TD pass to newly acquired speedster Ted Ginn Jr. Just when the Cardinals looked shellshocked they come down again and rely on the run, once again running it down the throat of the Colts defense and scoring a Hightower 5 yd td run. The Colts then went 3 and out, the Cards got the ball back and Rackers nailed a 50 YD FG.

    Quarter 3 was more of the same offense. On the first play of the half Manning hit Ted Ginn on a screen in which he scored a 72 yd TD. The Cardinals responded with another drive on the ground and key passes to Breason and Boldin and scored a 2 yd TD pass to the FB on 3rd and goal.

    Colts then go three and out and on the next play from the Cardinals, Dwight Freeney picked off yet another pass, this time housing it for the score from 23 yds out. Cardinals wouldn't be stopped though on the next drive as Boldin scores on a 22 YD td pass. The Colts responded with a good drive and hit Clark on a 3rd and goal with 3:18 remaining. Colts up by 7.

    Arizona would not be denied the tie by Warner hitting Breason (who had a great game) for a 58 YD td pass with 1:51 remaining. The only problem was there was too much time. Manning hit Clark on a critical 3 and 10 which saved the Colts from a 3 and out, and then Manning and RB Donald Brown led the offense down for the game winning 39 yd FG.

    This game was a thriller for sure. It seemed as if the Cardinals would set up a blow out. Then the Colts ran off 21 straight points. Then it was back and forth from there. Freeney is player of the game because of his 2 INTs and his game changing pick 6. The ground of the Cardinals was dominate and many times Hightower would only be taken down by 9 man gang tackles. The Colts D has allowed 14 points total in 2 games and allowed 45 this game. Maybe they are not as good as they thought they were or maybe the Cardinals offense was just a dominate group. Great game, should be game of the week.


    Manning - 19/32 - 349 Yds - 4 TD - 1 INT
    Brown - 11 Rush 41 Yds
    Clark - 6 Rec 81 Yds 2 TD
    Ginn - 5 Rec 164 Yds 2 TD

    Warner - 19/26 - 246 Yds - 3 TD - 3 INT
    Hightower - 21 Rush 114 Yds 1 TD
    Wells - 4 Rush 61 Yds 1 TD
    Breaston - 5 Rec 137 Yds 1 TD
    Boldin - 5 Rec 71 Yds 1 TD
  2. France719

    France719 Guest

    Hell of a game man. Great play by both teams, the offenses both seemed unstoppable at times. Can't wait for a rematch, even if it takes 4 seasons for one.

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