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Week 2 Game Summaries, S7

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by IrishBearcat, May 7, 2011.

  1. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    They go here fellas.
  2. Oshiomogho

    Oshiomogho Donnie Darko

    Mar 12, 2011
    what should be a walk in the park as USF comes to town

    game opens with a Bulls 3 and out followed by the Aztecs stalling at the 36 and Bradley's first career FG attempt over 50 yards which came up JUST short!.
    but USF followed it up with another 3 and out. Andrews looked horrible to start the game, repeatedly missing wide open men badly and it forces SDSU to punt.
    USF didnt even get 3 plays on the next drive as Micheal Carter comes up from the safety spot on the 2nd play to force a fumble that LB Holman scooped up at the 30. Andrews continued to struggle and the drive went no where, bringing up a 29 yard FG that Bradley hit the crossbar, no good. Andrews goes 0/7 after completing the game's first pass.
    after a quick 5 yard pass, the Bulls are shot down again as Carroll steps in front of a pass to nab the interception. Finally, the Aztec offense gets moving and 4 plays later, Andrews hits Banks for a 7 yard score to put them up 7-0
    Another 3 and out for the Bulls and they end the first quarter without picking up a first down. Andrews hits Banks deep and I attempted to pitch to Carroll for an easy TD and the ball was turned over and Banks is charged with a -45 yard reception. FML
    Using the momentum of the TO, the Bulls are finally able to manage a first down but the drive stalls after 5 plays and they punt. Banks tried to make up for the mistake by taking the next catch 53 yards. With tate still feeling the injury from last week, the running game is very weak and Bradley is set up and drills a 35 yard FG to put SDSU up 10-0
    A few nice plays and a huge 15 yard facemask and all the sudden the Bulls found themselves in the endzone to make it a game again 10-7. Andrews continues to miss WIDE OPEN men and it brings up a punt. But on the bulls first play, another fumble and Carroll scoops it up at the 26. Just before halftime, Andrews hit Carroll on a jump ball for the score to go to half up 17-7

    Finally, a good drive mounted to open the half but Andrews missed a wide open Banks and Bradley is forced to kick a 46 yarder to put them up 20-7. The Bulls get one big play but stall out and miss the 49 yard FG.
    Giving Tate a rest for the half, true freshman Murphy enters the game at HB. But SDSU goes 3 and out on a pass tipped at the line. USF marches down and kicks a 44 yard FG to make it 20-10
    Andrews forced the defense to jump and he launched up a bomb that was not open at all and intercepted but the flag gave it right back. all the sudden I see my redshirted WR Jon Lewis is IN THE GAME?!?! still dont help, Andrews missed a WIDE OPEN vickers and i was forced to kick another FG to go up 23-10
    After getting in FG range, the Bulls went for it and it hurt as the FB dive resulted in a fumble, scooped up by Carter and taken all the way back for an Aztecs TD. 30-10
    USF uses the hurry up to push the ball, attacking the LBs and get in the endzone with under 2 min to play to make it 30-17. Bradley kicks another FG for the Aztecs to make it 33-17 with not much time remaining. USF cant get anything and thats the final.

    the USF defense was absolutely horrid against the pass and this may have been one of Andrews worst games. he easily could have had about 8 TD passes missed. Still, Everett was knocked out of the game in the 1st and Andrews threw for a recorded 215 yards even though banks had 90 yards taken away. He is yet to throw an interception through 2 games. Banks played great outside but the running game was nonexistant. tate couldnt even total positive yards on his 7 carries and Murphy averaged 1.9 on his 12 attempts.
    Defense was great! Vaughn led the team in tackles again with 8. Kenny Carroll recorded a sack, interception, and FR. Carter forced 2 fumbles on the day and recovered one for the TD. Bell and Holman forced fumbles as well while Holman also recovered one.

    like I did last week, I tracked all man coverage plays to see what players were attacked today

    Dawson: 4/9 for 57 yards, TD, with 3 passes knocked down
    Martin: 5/5 for 35 yards
    Holman: 2/4 for 23 yards with 2 passes knocked down
    Clark: 1/2 for 16 yards and 1 pass knocked down
    Carroll: 1/2 for 27 yards with one interception
    Dunbar: 0/1
    Vaughn: 0/1 with one pass batted down
    Bell: 0/1 with one pass batted down
    Leach: 1/1 for 20 yards

    Vegas details:
    USF @ SDSU
    SDSU: +27.5
    O/U: 60.5

    I only won by 16 and the total was only 50 so it was USF/Under
  3. UofCWildcat

    UofCWildcat Bear Down!

    Mar 13, 2011

    UNLV Loses Again, This Time to Washington

    UNLV came into this game with a loss on the board and in need of momentum. But things started out bad when on the second offensive play, Amir Harris got hurt for the game. "It was like deja vu all over again with Mark last season. Thank god it was only for a game." Says coach Beardown. Michael Tolbert then came in but we removed after going 3/15. "Michael still has a lot to improve on and this wasn't the game to work on things. We needed something more." Luckily, Matt White came in and he showed flashes of being a good back-up. Too bad it was all in vein with a 24-17 on the road. The Rebels get TCU next week in a must win match up.
  4. MNoffke

    MNoffke Walk On

    Mar 14, 2011
    Week 2

    Utah 17 - Air Force 34

    Utah came out swinging. One the first offensive play of the game Utah threw a pick and then made a great play causing my DB to fumble and Utah got the ball right back. On the next play Utah connected on a 72 yard TD pass. On Air Force's first offensive play Barrett took it to the house for 84 yards. Utah came right back with a 59 yard TD pass, their last TD of the game. Utah was up 14-7 when Air Force put together a long drive and scored 2 minutes into the 2nd quarter to make it 14-14. After trading FGs both teams went into halftime tied 17-17.

    Air Force took control in the second half shutting Utah down. Air Force's run defense limited Utah to just 1 yard rushing on 15 carries. QB Smith has come along way as a passer going 14-15 (even though he threw 2 incompletions) for 262 and a TD. Barrett continued his dominance running the ball as well going 145 yards on 12 carries and a pair of TDs.
  5. -Cougars-

    -Cougars- Walk On

    Dec 30, 2010
    Wyoming 37 New Mexico 35

    New Mexico traveled to Larine, Wyoming to take on the Cowboys. This game started out rough for the Cowboys easily trailing by 14 in the first quarter. Coach Duke was looking at his team in disbelief. After he worked so hard to build his team up and then to see them play so bad. But things turned around quickly. Wyoming finally got their passing attack going and scored 21 unanswered points to take the lead. Both teams were forced to go 3 and out their few possessions. Then Wyoming settled for a field goal. Then stopped New Mexico on the 3 yard line. Then Wyoming tried a screen and was hit for a safety. Then New Mexico was able to capitalize on that and score. 24-22. Wyoming shook their head in disbelief. Wyoming was able to score but miss the extra point. Coach Duke chuckled and walked around the sideline with his head down. New Mexico then drove down the field to put themselves down by 2. Then the Lobos tried for 2 but missed. Smith threw a perfect pass for Wyoming to go up 37-28 with 56 seconds to go. Then New Mexico ran a kick back. Then they tried to go for an onside kick but Wyoming recovered and they won the game. "Worst performance ever" Coach Duke stated.
  6. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011

    One of the more interesting intersectional rivalries that has developed is Colorado State vs Virginia Tech. The Hokies were the favorite at home ranked in the top 15 but the Rams have been known to upset ranked teams in the past. The stars seemed aligned for a very good ball game.

    Defenses dominated the first quarter. No points were scored by either time while both felt each other out early in the contest.

    The second quarter the Rams defense caved and never really recovered. After giving up a field goal and going 3 and out on offense Virginia Tech RB Kris Rodgers ran right up the gut for an 88 yard touchdown after breaking 4 tackles on the play. The Hokies amassed a 20-0 run early in the ball game.

    Finally, the Rams offense hit a big play on a broken coverage where WR Patrick Lambdin was left all alone as he scampered 80 yards into the end zone completely untouched with 20 seconds left in the half. The Hokies wouldn't be done for the half, and they stunningly beat the CSU defense over the top. With 2 seconds left, Hokie QB Jamaal Hill would rush into the endzone. The air had been completely sucked out of the CSU team as the Blacksburg crowd roared in approval as both Tech having the 27-7 advantage at halftime.

    Colorado State's defense, which was ranked in the top 10 in all defensive categories a season ago, was still sleep walking as VT drove down the field to take a 34-7 lead. The offense woke up the next drive, and QB Orlando Ward fired a rocket to WR Kyle Robinson for a 26 yard score. The Hokies would tack on a field goal the next drive to have lead 37-14. Kyle Robinson would hall in another touchdown just before the end of the quarter, and CSU decreased the lead to 16 down 21-37.

    Ward found Lambdin for the second time on a 34 yard touchdown pass to cut the lead to 10, putting the score at 27-37 Hokies. A possible 2-point attempt to cut the lead to 8 would've made things really interesting, but CSU failed on an incomplete pass attempt. Kris Rodgers would catch a screen pass after CSU turned the ball over on downs to end all hopes of a comeback. CSU lost 27-44 in shocking fashion, with the way the lost being the biggest surprise of the entire game.

    "What you saw out there today was not CSU football stands for nor what it represents," said Coach IrishBearcat in a stern tone, "we're really going to have to go back to the drawing board and consider some radical changes for next week because what we saw out there today was completely unacceptable."

    No rest for the weary. CSU hosts #2 Penn State next week.

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