Week 2: Giants(21) @ Packers(14)

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    Week 2: Giants(21) @ Packers(14)

    Giants received the opening kickoff and scored on a A. Brown TD run. A drive that went 11 plays for a little over 5 minutes. Both defenses settled in and began to dominated the game. After a Giants punt, A. Rodgers hit B. Trammel on a fade that went for a 54 yard TD. 7-7 halftime.

    3rd quarter was all New York as, T. Barclay and J. Stewart were on the receiving end of 2 Eli Manning TD passes. R. Grant got the Pack with 7 on a TD early in the 4th quarter. Later in the quarter, Green Bay decided to punt with just under 3 minutes left to play. NY was able to run out the rest of the clock and hang on to a 21-14 victory.

    J. Stewart was hurt in the 4th quarter and will miss at least 1 week with an abdominal tear.

    NY Stats
    E. Manning: 16-18 187 yards 2 TD;3 carries 19 yards
    J. Stewart: 13 carries 98 yards; 5 rec 56 yards 1 TD
    T. Barclay: 4 rec 50 yards 1 TD
    E. Reed & D. Harris: 4 tackles

    Green Bay Stats
    A. Rodgers: 15-25 175 yards 1 TD 1 INT
    R. Grant: 9 carries 26 yards 1 TD
    B. Trammell: 5 rec 105 yards 1 TD
    A. Kampman: 7 tackles, 3 sacks

    Next game: Giants @ Redskins
    Dolphins @ Packers

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