Week 2 is up

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by H22APWRD94, May 17, 2010.

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    Week 2 is up

    I have advanced us to week #2. The sliders should be correct now, please double check for me, I can't screw it up can I? Should be a modified form of All-American. I am going to look for a ND replacement, as Tide311 has not accepted the invite or told me of plans otherwise. Any questions, you guys know where to find me. Bamagrad, I have set ND to auto since he is not on board yet. If I find a guy, it is up to you whether you play them or the CPU. I will start advertising tonight. Bama (BC) and PSU (luv) have a game this week. Only user v. user game going as of right now. All others are CPU. We will be advancing in 72 hrs at a MAX. If we are done sooner, we will move right along. Thanks for the hustle and communication. It really helps out. Summaries are even showing up. I love it.

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    Luv> Text me when is good for you to play. I PSNed you my number.


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