Week 2 Panthers vs Bills

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    Sep 13, 2013
    Week 2 due Saturday 9/25 10 am
    *** If you have CPU Oppnt DONT PLAY With out COMMISH Approval***
    Uses this to post your times. Mandatory we all use the Board to Schd our games. Please post any other info to help, such as AIM / CELL / Email. Also the Commish and the Scheduling team is here to help. So if you cant get a hold of your Oppnt please reach out to us as soon as possible.
    If you cant play during your week, please post and go on Auto.
    If you cant get a hold of your Oppnt, but Do not let us know with less than 24 hours, your game will be simmed.
    If you let us know ahead of time we can place your Oppnt on Auto.
    How to post your times:
    Team A: Hey i am Free Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday after 6pm till 12.
    Team B: Ok how bout Tues at 830
    Team A: Well on Tuesday i have dinner. but i should be done around 830, so lets plan between 830-9 ok?
    Team B: Ok just Text me when you can play...
    *** We all like SET Times like 830 on the DOT, but we all have lives so please be flexible. Also PLEASE dont string someone along... Things come up so if you flake too many times actions will be taken against you.

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