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Week 2 - Season 5

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by MurkYa21, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. MurkYa21

    MurkYa21 Walk On

    Apr 19, 2009
    Week 2 - Season 5

    Hard Advance for Sunday @ 8pm Central

    We're advanced..

    User Games
    Akron @ Purdue
    Arizona @ UCF
    UCLA @ Southern Miss​
  2. 1ke

    1ke D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.

    Jun 18, 2009
    USM vs UCLA

    :5stars:Game of the Week
    Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles vs UCLA Bruins

    UCLA 7 14 6 0

    USM 7 17 0 21

    First Quarter
    5:36 TD USM: Hubbard 23 Yd pass
    2:31 TD UCLA: Brown 4 Yd run

    Second Quarter
    6:51 FG USM: Coleman 42 Yds
    5:53 TD USM: Hardy 67 Yd pass
    3:26 TD UCLA: Brehaut 3 Yd run
    :30 TD UCLA: Poland 2 Yd run
    :03 TD USM: West 23 Yd pass

    Third Quarter
    5:18 FG UCLA: Hawkins 42 Yds
    4:23 FG UCLA: Hawkins 33 Yds

    Fourth Quarter
    4:15 TD USM: Cox 10 Yd run
    2:52 TD USM: Hubbard 72 Yd pass
    1:22 TD USM: Hardy 1 Yd run

    It what was a damn close game. USM gets by UCLA with a late rally. The score is a bit deceiving as it stand though. In the 2nd quarter, I threw everything and the kitchen sink at UCLA and they continued to walk down the field. I was pullin zone blitzes out of my ass, and nothing. Damn you Parrot for making my Friday night much more stressful than I wanted it to be! :)
  3. Highyella

    Highyella Walk On

    Jun 30, 2009
    Akron 41 Pur 35

    Akron goes on the road and Squeaks one out vs Purdue.In this game i didnt expect to win this game TBH,I didnt think that we would have the ability to contain the running attack The Boilermakers have,but we knew we could win the WRvsCB Matchup but we didnt know if our LBs could Contain the option attack.We felt our CBs were better and able to Jam and knock timing off the PA and regular passing routes and thats we did.The game started off with True Freshman J Johnson throwing a pick 6 And immediately going into the cold.So we leaned a bit more on the running game to slow it down a bit and bored the crowd.We saw some matchups that we had with what Purdue D was showing ,J Johnson checked out of I believe 3 or 4 running plays that were called which ended with him tossing a TD to Tie the game.

    Now was the real test Purdue was on offense.The defense have heard so much about dynamic player QB D Robinson.First play he drops back,nothing was there and Zoom he was gone but he made a sharp right and ran right into a MLB that smacked the ball loose.We took over At the 35 or 40 i believe.Few plays go by we had a 3rd and 4 or 6....We had a passing play dialed up which was designed to go to the inside but J Johnson noticed something and Audibled out of it to a screen pass...It broke for a TD score.On the drive after that Purdue had a draw i believe and Hb was smacked ball came loose,Johnson threw a long pass for a TD when the Zips took over on offense.Two offensive Plays 2 fumbles what can possible happen on purdues next drive?Robinson Drops back and Throws,at last 2nd year man H Murphy shows his length, he snatches it out the sky and takes it back for a TD.score is like 28-7 and theres still 4mins left in the first QTR.Purdue ended up scoring twice in the 2nd qtr one was on a drive fuel by a 4th down attempt which was converted and the other was on a Kick return.

    Coming out in the second half I wanted to shut it down and take the victory and leave especially after forcing purdue to punt on there first possession coming out of the half.
    So we nickled and dime and ran up the gut,throwing when we needed to.I forgot what the score was when this happen but i was up i think 20 with like 3 mins left in the third and all i had to do was pound the ball and try to get outta the 3rd with that lead.Johnson checks out of a run,And decides to PA.The play was perfect except when the pass was thrown it sailed on him right into the Safty arms and that fueled the boilermakers.Fast forward a bit,and Akron is up 6 late in the 4th QTr.I believe its 2nd and 8 we dialed up a HB draw,one again Johnson Audibles out of yet another runbut this time as the End breaks in Johnson finds his Humphrey who was benched at gametime who basically took a catch i believe 50 or 60 yards into the endzone.Purdue had a chance On a game winning drive but with no timeouts and 80 yards to go, they threw a INT with 1 secs left on the playclock.weird thing is the pass was thrown on a deep post route in the middle of field,so even a catch here it probably was over because they had no Timeouts.

    It was a great game,The True Fresh played better than i thought he would.Alexander Our newly appointed starter at RB,Actually had a great day averaging 4.5 per carry on 14 carries, I didnt know Johnson Audibled out of so many runs.We also found out that Johnson can run the option and fall forward at that.We squeaked one out because we packed it in too early,trying to just play the clock game,we shouldve kept on the attack till the end of the 3rd.It was a good game,great game by Coach Murk and his boys.

    J Johnson ended with 14/21 242 and 4tds 2ints
    B Alexander 14 att 64yrds

    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    How the hell did we go from waiting on Jman and York to done with week two so fast? I don't know when Nati and I are going to play so hopefully everyone can wait a little bit...
  5. MurkYa21

    MurkYa21 Walk On

    Apr 19, 2009
    Yep, just waiting troy and nati now..

    advance tonight or most likely tomorrow night.

    York, I'll advance and then you can save and host again.

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