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week 2 summary bg v. mizzou

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Wags to Riches, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. week 2 summary bg v. mizzou

    Bowling green beat mizzou who is even worse than bowling green.

    my RB had some yards then got hurt. the back up was adequate.

    my tight end couldnt catch herpes in brothel but some how my shit stain of the defense held there ground against mizzous donkey show offense.

    oh and in recruiting news no one wants to come to bowling green except 1 star athletes. yea real fucking excited about the future.

    I would add stats but the systems upstairs and turned off and im downstairs. plus, does anyone actually give that much of a shit to HAVE to see the stats after a bowling green-mizzou game? Cause honestly i finished the game and exited without looking myself i could care so less.

    annnnnndddd i forgot the score i think it was 30-24. I dunno:rolleyes:
  2. oh yea and sorry i didnt know i could post pictures and stuff. I guess i have to do that too huh?

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