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Week 2: Tampa Bay @ New York Giants

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by BirdDog1980, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. BirdDog1980

    BirdDog1980 Walk On

    Mar 27, 2012
    Tampa Bay goes into New York and defeats the defending Super Bowl champions 45-14.

    Not a whole lot to say about this one. Turnovers were the story of this game, and they done the Giants in today. In fact, the entire Giants team seemed "off" today. Not sure if they overlooked Tampa or what, but you can be sure that Tom Coughlin will give the G-Men one heck of a workout in practice this week.

    Tampa Bay's defense caused 5 takeaways (4 INTs including a Pick 6, and an Ahmad Bradshaw fumble), and just about all 5 turnovers occured in the Giants own territory, resulting in almost guaranteed points and the game getting out of hand early. It was 28-0 at half.

    To make matters worse, Tampa got the ball to start the 2nd half, and rookie Michael Smith took the 2nd half kickoff back 105 yds for a TD to make it 35-0.

    Out of respect for my opponent, and to get the game over with ASAP, Tampa Bay was just going through the motions in the 2nd half. They called off the dogs and went vanilla. Running straight up, ISO/Dive plays, and running a base 4-3 defense the entire 2nd half. In fact, Tampa Bay only ran 2 pass plays the entire 2nd half.. the first resulted in a Pick 6. Prince Amukamura made a nice play and jumped a button hook route intended for Vincent Jackson on 3rd down and took it back for the score to get the G-Men on the board. The second pass play was a quick screen pass that went for minimal yardage. In fact, Josh Freeman went 4/6 on the day, with a grand total of 57 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT and didn't even record a quarterback rating lol. The rest of the offense was all Doug Martin & LeGarrette Blount. Martin found the endzone twice, & Blount got in for a score early in the 4th.

    The Giants are a good team, and the gameplan was good.. the execution just wasn't there for them today. Eli's 4 INTs all came in the first half, and he had a couple other passes that were overthrown to the sidelines. But we're talking about a 2 time Super Bowl MVP here. I'm sure he's going to be OK and he'll bounce back nicely. It's only Week 2.. a long way to go till January.

    Two other side notes - TB K David Buehler nailed a 60 yd FG in the 3rd quarter into a 9 mph headwind! Cleared it by about a yard or 2.. maybe.

    Also, Giants DT Shaun Rogers went down with a Dislocated Elbow in the 4th qtr. Expected to be out 5 weeks.
  2. Randiesel75

    Randiesel75 Walk On

    Aug 11, 2010
    As an actual Tampa Bay fan, this is precisely how we were supposed to beat the Giants in real life this past week. But no, Mr. Manning had different plans, fudge!
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  3. BlyGilmore

    BlyGilmore It's All In The Hips!

    Apr 9, 2009
    this was one of those games that pisses me off about Madden and NCAA each year. Seems like once or twice a season you're given a game where you're just not supposed to win. In this the Bucs got a pick six on a threw where Cruz was open by 2/3 yards, a kick return for a touchdown, and a fumble on a pass to Cruz that was scooped up and returned for a TD. Not that the Bucs might not have won, but take those 21 easy points off the board and its at least a ball game. And i had a would-be TD negated by a ridiculous interception.

    Funny thing is I lost by whatever and got bonus XP for holding my opponent under 200 yards total offense.

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