Week 3 Arizona St. VS. Baylor

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    Week 3 Arizona St. VS. Baylor

    ASU 30 Baylor 13

    To me it felt like the game was closer than what the actual score was. Take away the second quarter ASU wins by only 3 points. The difference in the game was Baylors 4 turnovers (3 int and 1 fumble) Both QBs threw the ball for over 200 yards but the rushing was pretty weak for both squads as neither team could manage to get 100 yards. So inconclusion Baylor might not be no Florida right now but mark my words If Griffin decides to stay in college is JR and SR years and coach can keep his players motivated look for Baylor to be a contender because kid got game.

    ASU- Pass Rushing
    14-20-260 yards 1int 1td 21-85 yards 2td

    Baylor- 16-25-206 yards 3int 2td 17-54 1fumble

    Scoring sumary
    1 2 3 4
    Baylor- 0 0 0 13
    ASU- 3 14 3 10
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    Jul 19, 2009
    Thanks for the compliment. I just need to recruit. Good game.

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