Week 3 Browns (37) Ravens (26) F

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    Oct 12, 2009
    Week 3 Browns (37) Ravens (26) F

    well i played the CPU and was picking my poor ravens apart (avoiding REED, although he still picked one), letting the clock run down before i snap each play, the 4th quarter was full of fireworks, the ravens looked like a different team. scoring most of thier points at will.

    Flacco 20-34 286 yds 2TD 2INT
    McGahee(CPU doesnt put in R.Rice) 9 car 13 yds
    Heap 7 rec 74 yds
    Washington 4 rec 111 yds TD

    Quinn 24-41 234yds 2TD 2INT
    Lewis 27 car 106yds TD
    Edwards 2 rec 40yds
    Massaqoui 3 rec 17yds TD
    J.Davis rec TD

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