week 3 Eagles vs Chiefs

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    Jul 17, 2009
    week 3 Eagles vs Chiefs

    Eagles 38 chiefs 26

    1st qrt

    Clay matthews int

    Ryan grant 1 yd td run

    2nd qrt

    Quintin demps int

    Ryan grant 1 yd td run

    3rd qrt

    Ryan grant 1 yd td run

    Quintin demps int #2

    Ellis hobbs int ret for td

    4th qrt

    Asante samuel int

    Lesean mccoy 15 yd rush td

    D mcnabb 12 23 147 yds 1 int

    R Grant 33 122 3 td
    L mccoy 3 14 yds 1 td

    Q demps 4 tkls 2 int
    E hobbs 2 tkls 1 int 81 yd td ret
    C matthews 4 tkls 1 sack 1 int
    A samuels 3 tkls 1 int
  2. ScottBGKY

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    Played like crap. My WR's never made a play on ball resulting in 5 picks. Felt like Jay Cutler out there. Defense played OK considering always having the short field. Chiefs are going to be a challenge. Looking forward to it.

    GG man.

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