Week#3 Giants 35 Titans 13 F

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    Week#3 Giants 35 Titans 13 F

    News out of Zoo-York, coach Pepper of the Giants could not make the trip because of a family issue, hopefully wont keep him out long.

    Subbing in for the G-men is journeyman coach Mitchell, who formerly coached the Broncos two years ago and now coaches the Chargers.

    It was a crazy game, with Titans players dropping like flies, Eli Manning throws 5 TD passes, and grinded out the second half with Bradshaw runs as the G-Men were able to sit the starters in the final third of the game, quote " I didnt want to get Peppers' players hurt in any way when he is not here.


    Manning 20-30 316 yds 5 TD 2 INT
    Jacobs 20car 93 yds
    Bradshaw 19car 72yds

    6 different WRs had 2 catches or more
    TDs (Shockey,Fitz, S.Smith, Manningham(2))


    Young 15-36 211 TD 2INT
    Ringer 4car 22yds
    D. Williams rec TD
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    thanks sammy, I owe you 1 big time.

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