Week 3 Injury Report

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    Mar 5, 2010
    Week 3 Injury Report

    A few more names on the report this week. I am using the depth chart to list replacements. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions on how to make this any better.

    Column 1
    Position Name Team Overall Rating Injury Length Key Games Affected Replacement
    HB Preston Weldon Nebraska 89 Back Spams 2 Weeks Wk 2 @ Miami, Wk 3 USC SO Marcus Young 84ovr
    HB Eric Jones Miami 84 Hip Bursitis 2 Weeks Wk 3 @ Clemson, Wk 4 @ FSU JR Daniel Williams 85 ovr
    WR Marcus Scott Oregon 82 Torn Pectoral 1 Week Wk 4 @ UCLA SO Darren Ware 84 Ovr
    TE Paris Anderson Oregon 81 Season Season All FR Jarrett Bass 78 Ovr
    HB Eric Young Penn State 88 Abdominal Strain 2 Weeks Wk 4 @ VT SR Pierre Guerrero 96 ovr

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    Jul 13, 2009
    Yeah Jones is my starting kick/punt returner and backup HB. His loss didn't effect me for Clemson game but it could hurt me in FSU game. Williams is a capable 3rd back so he should be fine in that role. Clayton will be lead returner with Mitchell stepping up as #2 guy.

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