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Week 3: Jets/Packers

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Millertime, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Millertime

    Millertime Guest

    Week 3: Jets/Packers

    Here's my schedule:

    Tonight - after 10pm est.
    Wed night (preferred) - after 8pm est.
  2. DrunkenSoldier

    DrunkenSoldier Luck Of The Irish

    Jun 30, 2009
    Wednesday around 930 est should be good for me. ill hit u up on ICQ if i can get on earlier
  3. Millertime

    Millertime Guest

    Just for the record since the game got simmed:

    Game originally scheduled for Wed 12/30 at 9:30pm. At 9:30, Drunk was unable to play. Wanted to schedule for 10:30 or a little later. I couldn't wait around, so we agreed to play Friday.

    Drunk sends me a message on Thursday at 3pm while I'm offline saying "you around at all today?" An hour later, I get online and see no sign of him for the rest of the day.

    Then on Friday, Drunk was supposed to be on "all day" for our rescheduled game, but didn't send me a message until 11:30pm. I signed off around 9:30 after being online for the better part of 12 hours.

    These details are just for future reference. The game got simmed which was really the only solution because I had no desire to play the CPU. If I'm wrong on the details Drunk, let me know.

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