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Week 3 Matchup Bama-Nebraska

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bamagrad, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009

    Lincoln- Abc with the Combo of Espn are covering the Game in Lincoln,Nebraska. Last year's game in T-town was a Classic as Nebraska held on for the 20-17 win. This years game should be a great game between 2 great teams.

    Offense- Bama returns McCarron at Qb and New running Back Eddie Lacy with Corey Grant (whom TR said is as good as he is.) will be running the backfield. Returning Leading reciever Deandrew White is back after Leading the tide recievers in yards and catches. Norwood and Bell are the New recievers for this yr. The O-line are all veterans and the only new spot is the C position. and Williams is Back at Te. Nebraska returns Martinez at QB and Burkhead at rb. The recieving core is led by Wood and Cooper. Cotton is 1 of 2 Sr's at the Te position. The O-line which is young with No seniors on the Front Line which will get better as the seasons continue.

    Defense- Defensively Bama and Nebraska have Veteran Leadership all across the Line. The Bama front line is led by Sentimore and Murphy and Square. and Moore backing up Murphy on the Dt position. Hightower and Johnson lead the LB position along with Stinson. and the 2ndary position is led by Veterans, Kirkpatrick and Green and Lester and Lowery. Nebraska is Led by Williams, Steinkuhler, and Ankrah on the front line. the Lb core is by Williams, Martin and Fisher. Martin the lone Sr in the Group. the 2ndary is Led by Ross and Bell and Fagan and Ryan at SS.

    Kicking Game- Could be the deciding factor this yr like it was last yr. Shelley was Bama's leading Kicker last yr and was beat out in Spring by Cade Foster. Nebraska's kicker is Warren who is a Soph. This game could come down to a last second kick like last yr.

    Final Note- This should be a Great Game as Fans are starting their Tailgating early for this game as the stadium will be loud and rocking. Last years game was a absolute classic and Hoping for another classic game. #3 Bama vs #15 Nebraska. Nebraska used this game to climb in the polls to a top 10 Finish at the end of the year.

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