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Week 3 NEVER GIVE UP !!! Panthers @ Falcons

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by Mugga, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Mugga

    Mugga Walk On

    Oct 30, 2013
    image.jpg The Carolina Panthers offense started out hot up 21-7 in the second quarter but then to fumbles change the momentum in the game the Atlanta Falcons high powered offense was definitely a hand full for the panthers defense Juilo Jones had a monster game 8rec for 168 yds and 2tds after those 2 fumbles the Falcons scored 24 unanswered points.The Panthers offense was eager to get back on the field to give the defense a breather the Panthers offense scored 14 much needed points in the 4th quarter the play of the game was definitely an offensive pass interference called in the 4th quarter on Mario Manningham on the opposite side of the field after Juilo Jones caught another 3rd down pass. The very next play Julio Jones caught an 15 yd pass from Matty Ice but he was 3 yds short of the 1st down Julio Jones was also injured on that play and would not return to the game Suishman kicks a FG making the game 28-34 Falcons.The Panthers get the ball back with a little bit more then 2minutes left EJ Manuel moves the ball up the field effortlessly as he did all gm and ran the ball in for a 12yd TD making the score 35-34 Panthers.The Falcons get the ball back with about a minute or 47 seconds left and throw to incomplete passes on 1st and second down on 3rd down Matty Ice throws a 53 yd pass to Louis Huff the falcons kill the clock with 3seconds left and suisham missed the 47 or 52 yd Fg to win the game.The Carolina Panthers hold on and win the Game. This was definitely a tuff 3 game road trip my team showed a lot of heart and have grown a stronger bond on this trip making us 3-0 against our division this game was definitely EJ Manuel break out game passing 11-15 for 272 yds 2TD QB rating of 154.9

    O yeah and Julio Jones is out for 3weeks with an elbow injury take a guess who the panthers play in 3weeks ?? Yup the falcons gg again MrWitness36 see u in Carolina
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