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Week 3 - Patriots (21) @ Colts (24)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by mustang20241, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. mustang20241

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    Sep 24, 2009
    Week 3 - Patriots (21) @ Colts (24)

    This was an epic Colts/Pats matchup when all was said and done but it looked like a blowout early for the Patriots.

    The Tom Brady led Patriots drove down to the five yard line on their first series of the game. An attemped lob pass to the back of the endzone was batted and tipped around for a Will Witherspoon INT which he would of ran back all the way but LB Phillip Wheeler laid a hit on Brady in the back to bring the Colts back to their own 16 Yd line. The Colts were forced into a 3 and out and Tom Brady would lead the Pats down for the score on a 1 yd run by Fred Taylor.

    On the following posession the Colts would move into FG range and on 2nd down Manning would throw a bad pass to Clark in the back of the endzone (tried to lob but came out low) and was picked off by Merriweather. Another wasted opportunity by the Colts. The Pats would take immediate advantage and move the ball down the field easily mixing the run and pass. Eventually Brady would throw a great pass to the front corner of the endzone which Moss bodied Vontae Davis and caught it right over him for a 46 yd TD. Pats up 14-0. The Colts had to move and fast so the game was not lost. Manning and Westbrook worked together and moved down the field before half time and had to settle for a FG from 27 yds out.

    Colts would get the ball in the 2nd half and fail to score any point. They pinned the Pats inside the 10 and the defense held this time. The Colts would then be held to 3rd and 17 in which Manning audibled to a screen pass to rookie WR Roberson. Roberson would make a hell of a play breaking 3 tackles in a matter of seconds to take it 40 yards to the house. Westbrook would dive up the middle for the 2 pt conversion.

    Right when the Colts thought they had momentum, Brady connected with Moss on 3rd and 10 for a 79 Yd slant TD. This stole momentum and there was less than 6 minutes left in the game. After a great Ted Ginn kick return the colts would have the ball past the 40 and move into scoring range quickly. They would have to settle for a FG making it 21-14.

    This is where it got interesting as Brady and the Pats moved well on the ground to the 50 yd line where they were in a 3rd and 2 situation. They threw to welker in the flats but witherspoon was all over it stopping it for a gain of -1 yd. The Pats would decide to punt and ginn returns it to the 35 yd line of the colts. Manning would hit Westbrook on a screen to gain roughly 35 yards. The Colts would move the ball well and score on a 1 yd run by FB Greg Jones to tie the game at 21. There were 27 seconds left and the Pats took the touchback. Colts looked to play conservative and play a cover 4 allowing the underneath routes. Brady fired an ill-advised pass into coverage and was picked by Bob Sanders who took it to the Pats 20 yd line. With some time left the Colts would pass once and run the ball to the 3 Yd line. Nick Folk would kick the game winning FG as time expired.


    One hell of a game, hats off the Gaddy and the Pats.

    Manning - 17/31 - 244 Yds - 1 Td - 2 Int
    Westbrook - 16 rush - 90 yds - 5 Rec - 129 yds
    Roberson - 2 Rec - 40 Yds - 1 Td
    Ginn - 5 Rec - 35 Yds

    Brady - 16/25 - 278 Yds - 2 Td - 2 Int
    Moss - 3 Rec - 151 Yds - 2 Td
    Welker - 5 Rec - 40 Yds
    Gore - 18 rush - 62 Yds - 3 Rec - 21 Yds

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