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Week 3 Predictions

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by thebouncer24, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011
    Welcome to Week 3 edition of Predictions! 1st week of the season I only got 1 right out of my 4 predictions this week doesn't look any better. At least the guys I picked put up stats this time around. To wrap up Week 2:

    ARI WR Danneil Carter (projected) 5 rec 106 yards 2 td, apparently I overshot on this one, he got 2 rec 16 yards. I have been shooting for the home run and I will eventually get a homerun. Swing big or don't swing at all! Baseball term that is completely irrelevant to HK.

    MIN CB Jamarkus Clay (projected) 2 tackles 2 ints, I got one right with this week! Jamarkus Clay posted half of my stats but let's be honest that's good. 1 tackle 1 int and from what I hear it was a game deciding INT. Clay is making his name in this league.

    DEN TE Virgil Green (projected) 5 rec 88 yards 1 td, I'm not sure what I was thinking here, great TE but those numbers were steep for him. In the end I was once again caught swinging.

    CHI MLB Devaughn Norris (projected) 5 tackles 1 int, he got 2 tackles and 1 FF, I'm not going to say this was a bad pick either. He got a turnover and posted up a couple of tackles, in the end it was a good pick.

    Week 3 is now upon us!


    Offense; STL RB Lorell Hammond, he is only averaging 3.6 yards per carry. It's not a good looking number but I have had this matchup on lookout since I started this segment. I'm not 100% sure BK's Saint's are ready to stop a smash mouth runner that Hammond is.

    Week 3 Projections: 17 carries 88 yards 1 td

    Defense: IND LOLB Marlon Nixon, 8 tackles week 1 and only 2 in week 2, he looked to be a break out star in week 1 and had a relaxed week, many may be looking over him due to this but if the Colts want to win this week vs the rival Titans Nixon needs to step up not only in the run stopping attack but in the pass defense as well.

    Week 3 Projections: 5 tackles 1 int

    Under the Radar:

    Offense: Cle HB Noel Devine, his theme song is 6 foot, 7 foot! He hit a growth spurt that is unexplained. Going into offseason I thought he was the starter for the team but they went and picked up DMC. Devine is on the number 1 rushing offense facing the 31st rush D. This is making of a breakout game for an under the radar.

    Week 3 Projections: 13 rushes 104 yards 1 td

    Defense: Den MLB Barrett Ruud, ex-titan that knows how to step up in the game, he can stop the run and make big plays on the passing. Facing a team who likes to run Ruud will have a big game this week

    Week 3 Projections: 6 tackles 1 FF
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  2. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009

    Pretty sure I held GTGs heralded rb under 100 ;)
  3. NDCOLTS1979

    NDCOLTS1979 I love you red solo cup

    Oct 17, 2009
  4. NDCOLTS1979

    NDCOLTS1979 I love you red solo cup

    Oct 17, 2009
    Putting alot of pressure on a 3rd pick bouncer lol
  5. biggcoug65

    biggcoug65 49er for Life

    Aug 30, 2011
    not sure what you were thinking about Virgil Green either...he might have put up those numbers if I didn't have Brandon Pettigrew as my #1 TE...

    I still love the content!
  6. Zikry

    Zikry Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    Loving this!

    Getting used to a bigger back is taking some time...but he will get there eventually!
  7. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    Great stuff man!

    I like reading all these tidbits about players
  8. NeuroticTruth

    NeuroticTruth dont know , dont care

    Nov 30, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    Me too. Now when somebody pwns me with some random player I atleast have some info on who they are.
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