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Week 3: Rams at Bears

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by AgenT Smith, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. AgenT Smith

    AgenT Smith Walk On

    Jun 7, 2012
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    Hester return, Urlacher pick-six propel Bears to 1st win of the season
    Devin Hester returns his NFL-record 13th punt return for a touchdown.
    On an unexpected rainy day in Chicago, the Bears and Coach Smith hosted the St. Louis Rams. While the Rams were coming off an impressive win against RGIII and the 'Skins, the Bears lost in heartbreaking fashion to the hated Cheeseheads.
    While the fans were looking forward to seeing the Cutler/Marshall connection at home, this game unfortunately turned ugly quickly, as neither offense got much going the entire game.
    The Bears would choose to open the game on offense after winning the toss. The offense couldn't get anything going, as the drive featured stuffed runs and a lot of Forte running into his blockers. This was really the theme for the entire 1st quarter, as neither team really achieved anything. There were a couple missed opportunities on big plays. Score: 0-0
    The second quarter is where things got interesting. Initially though, it was the same story from the first quarter. The Rams initially couldn't get anything going, but did end up driving down the field. However, as the Rams ran a Power O play to the right side, new starting DT Stephen Paea hit Stephen Jackson hard and forced a fumble, which Peanut Tillman immediately recovered. This stopped the Rams only true critical opportunity in the redzone.
    The Bears drive would stall, but they later would force the Rams to punt. Now, on their previous punt, Coach Recchem decided to punt away from Hester after a decent 1st return. But, on this play, he decided to kick it directly to him, which resulted in Hester streaking up the left side, cutting back in, and scoring on his 13th career punt return for TD. On the next drive, Brian Urlacher would intercept a screen (?) in his first game back from injury, and take it to the house to put the Bears up by 2 scores. Score: 14-0.
    The rest of the game was really a defensive stalemate. The teams traded FGs in the third, while the Bears added another in the 4th. Both FG stalled right outside the redzone, and Coach Smith looks to correct the mistakes made in the RZ. The Rams also added a late toss to Danny Amendola for a TD, while throwing a game-sealing INT to CB Kelvin Hayden to end the game 20-10. The Bears put up a dominant defensive effort, forcing 6 sacks and a 48% completion out of Sam Bradford (drops indeed helped :D). GG recchem2000 and good luck the rest of the way.
    Player of the Game: DE Julius Peppers - 4 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 sacks
    Player Stats
    Passing: J. Cutler - 14/21, 160 yards, 1INT, 69.5 QBR (sacked 3 times - 1 by J. Webb:mad:)
    Rushing: M. Forte - 18 carries, 62 yards
    Receiving: B. Marshall - 3 catches, 57 yards
    Defense: 6 sacks, 3 forced turnovers
    Passing: S. Bradford - 14/29, 185 yards, TD, 2 INT, 51.6 QBR
    Rushing: S. Jackson: - 11 carries, 66 yards, (2 fumbles, long 31)
    Receiving: D. Amendola - 3 catches, 37 yards, TD

  2. recchem2000

    recchem2000 UCLA > WSU

    Feb 24, 2009
    AgenT Smith
    Good game man. I wasn't sure either of us was going to find the endzone on offense in this one. Flat out ugly game all around I think. 7 dropped passes and that redzone fumble in the 2nd quarter by Steven Jackson spelled doom for my Rams. Note to the rest of the league...dont kick to Devin Hester on punt returns. And yes, the pass you picked for 6 towards the end of the 2nd quarter was a TE screen. I got cute on third and long and it back fired. Wish I could have stuck with the run game a bit longer but going down my 14 late in the 3rd really limited my play calling. Good luck against those boys in the NFC North!!!

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