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Week 3 - Saints 20 vs Ravens 13

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    Week 3 - Saints 20 vs Ravens 13


    New Orleans, LA - Savage Mason Reporting

    The fresh and new OMFL season is just trucking right along. Week 3 was here and with it, it bought in a fresh and fast Ravens team. Saints (1-1) were coming off a victory of the Cardinals, while the Ravens (1-1) were coming off an overtime victory vs the Jets. Both teams were looking to keep rolling, but only one would be left standing.

    The story of this game would be Defense, Defense, and more Defense. The Ravens and Saints each have one of the better OMFL Defenses in the league. Baltimore swapped over to a 4/3 while the Saints swapped over to a 3/4. Both Defenses had speed at LB and DB.

    The whole first quarter was both teams trying to feel each other out. The running game, at least early, was working, but the constant pressure in the face of English really knocked the Saints off their feet at the start of this game. On the other side Falcco was being confused by a stingy Saints defense. Both teams exchanged punts until the start of the 2nd quarter.

    Ravens begin a drive but on a 3rd down SS Jones of the Saints stepped in front of a Falcco pass and picked it off. Saints were able to cash in with a 43 yard fg to make it 3-0 Saints.

    Ravens would answer right back, after hitting some nice big passing gains, the Ravens settled for a 47 yard fg of their own to make it 3-3 tie.

    Time would expire after the proceeding kickoff return.

    In the 2nd half the Saints would look to get things going with their passing game to possibly open up some holes and get the Ravens defense to back pedal a little bit.

    Ravens defense would be unstirred and unchanged as both defenses continued to hit and battle vs the QB's. Saints would finally take the lead with a 44 yard FG to make it 6-3 Saints.

    This is when things would turn around for the Saints. Ravens DBs were starting to wear down and Falcco continued to put his team in a bad position. Saint defense would pick him off 4 times on the day with one of the final ones setting up a 15 yard bullet from English to Ingram to take a 13-3 lead. Ingram would begin to open up some holes for English with the Ravens leaving a LB on him or often blitzing and leaving a Saftey on him. Ingram, though unknown, is one of the fastest TEs in the league with great hands.

    Ravens would make another drive that would stall out again with Scobee hitting a 48 yard fg to make it 13-6 Saints with time running out.

    NO would get another turnover and this time English would hit Ingram on a 19 yard pass play with Ingram making some nice moves to get past the safety. 20-6 Saints and the game looked to be over.

    Saints went into prevent defense, and it almost done just that - prevented them from winning. With no consistent pressure on Falcco, he finally began to hit wr's. Ravens capped off a nice drive with an unbelievable play to Nicks with 2 guys draped all over him for a 12 yard td. 13-20 Saints.

    The onside kick would be recovered by NO and English would take the victory formation for the win.

    Here is the scoring recap:

    Second Quarter
    (NO) G.Hartley, 43 Yd FG, 7:48
    (BAL) J.Scobee, 47 Yd FG, 0:03

    Third Quarter
    (NO) G.Hartley, 44 Yd FG, 2:52
    (NO) C.Ingram 15 Yd pass from J.English(G.Hartley kick), 1:10

    Fourth Quarter
    (BAL) J.Scobee, 48 Yd FG, 4:20
    (NO) C.Ingram 19 Yd pass from J.English(G.Hartley kick), 2:22
    (BAL) H.Nicks 12 Yd pass from J.Flacco(J.Scobee kick), 0:21

    Here are some highlights from the game:
    SS Jones INT

    MLB Guyton INT

    English to Ingram TD

    English to Ingram TD #2

    CB Porter INT

    Saints pick up a huge win against a very fast and very stingy defense in the Ravens. Saints now move to 2-1 and are on top of the NFC South, which to date is extremely volatile right now. Next week the Saints will get back RB Keller who will add some much needed speed and play making ability to the Saints back field.

    Player of the game:
    TE - Cornelius Ingram
    Ingram, a very unknown quality in the OMFL, was picked up last year from the Eagles. He has produced a pretty decent season last year from the TE position. Even though Henderson gets the looks and passes from English, Ingram can make a team pay for leaving a slow LB or all out blitzing English. Ingram hauled in 3 passes, 2 of which went for TDs. Look for Ingram to be a big play threat in the endzone all year long.

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