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Week 3: Saints (30) Bills (7)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Bluebean, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Bluebean

    Bluebean Kansas City Chiefs

    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 3: Saints (30) Bills (7)

    I played pretty terrible and the Bills players didn't help me out any as I took my first loss of the season. Nate played a great game with the Saints for a big win.

    Maybe you can post some stats Nate when you get time. I got this terrible game out of my system so maybe it will teach me a lesson. The Bills will be back for sure.
  2. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    Savage Mason Reporting

    The New Orleans Saints (2-1) came into Buffalo (2-1) off of an embarrassing performance vs the Eagles last week. "They punched us in the face and we never responded" commented D. Brees on last weeks loss to the Eagles.

    Things would get no easier or any better as the Saints came to visit the Bills with nasty weather and a nasty Bills defense.

    Bills looked to be turned around this year, with a new and improved look, a fast strike offense, and a defense that was pushing people around and throwing qb's off with their blitzes. Saints QB Brees prepared himself for a long day on the ground, but he was ready. 'They are going to come after me and I am ok with that. I believe in our line and our wrs to make plays.'. Saints Coach Nate decided to start WR D. Henderson and WR Colston over other sets that they have recently tried due to Hendersons speed. 'We are going to make Henderson our #1 right now. We've tried making some moves recently and have not been able too. Henderson is a play maker and we will show that.'

    The weather was horrible in Buffalo, just as the Saints had hoped that would not happen. Nasty weather + a blitzing Buffalo defense = a rough day for Saints offense.

    Saints would put up the first points of the game with a 18 yard fieldgoal. The saints running game would be shut down pretty much all game long with saints rb's finding no open ground to run on. The buffalo Defense would step it up and hold NO out of the endzone on 3 straight plays. 3-0 Saints

    Both teams would struggle getting their offenses going. Bills were blitzing and roughing Brees up while the Saints were mixing in blitzes and zone and some man to try and confuse Garcia. The tale of this game was Brees was able to get rolling while Garcia never found his rythm.

    Garcia would throw his first int of the game late in the 2nd quarter after both teams traded punts back and forth.
    Highlight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHQRXa1-Syg

    Brees and the Saints would make them pay after a great drive, Brees finds new TE Ingram on a 17 yard pass in the corner of the endzone for a td. 10-0 Saints.

    NO would get the ball back with just a few mins left to play before half and again Brees would drop back and this time hit RB Westbrook on a 19 yard 3rd down completion for the td as Westbrook rumbled and ran over several Bills defenders for the score. 17-0 Saints.

    After half Garcia would try and get things rolling as the Bills abandoned their running game fairly early on. Garcia would only find more saints defenders though, this time being picked off by OLB Boss Bailey.
    Highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQW2TFXzGVs

    Saints would get a nice drive going but again the Bills defense was strong close to the endzone. Harley would be forced to kick, and make, a 24 yr field goal for a 20-0 Saints lead.

    A few moments later Garcia again would find a Saints OLB, this time hitting Castilias for an INT.
    Highlight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fffUBXcjlfQ

    Saints again would make the Bills pay, this time Brees would find WR D. Henderson on 18 yard td pass. 27-0 Saints.

    Saints would get the ball back and score one last time towards the middle of the 4th quarter. With Westbrook simply trying to run the clock out, Saints K Hartley kicks a 27 yr fg for a 30-0 lead with a little over 4 mins to go in the game.

    Bills would not quit though and Garcia would finally hit Owens on a 20 yr td pass to wrap up the scoring. 30-7 Saints

    Player of the game:
    Drew Brees
    21/27 266 yards and 3 tds
    Brees would finally get back on track, even in the face of a driving rain and a blitzing Bills defense. Very few passes were bad and the Saints come through on Brees arm with a huge win against a very good Buffalo team.

    Next week the Saints travel back home to face struggling Jets Team down home in the dome.

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