Week 4: Auburn @ Colorado

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    Week 4: Auburn @ Colorado


    In this Contest Colorado Started Fast but fizzled Late. Auburn Struck First after Colo threw an int. K. Burns Hooked up with T. Hawthorne on a 15 yard scamper on a wr screen. That was a wake up call for the BUffaloes as they scored two quick tds 38 secs apart with one a 2 yard run from Scott and a 43 yard int for a td by J.Smith. The tigers would calm down and score 14 unanswered to end the first half.

    With 1:41 left in the 3rd Qtr, S, Mcknight took a quick pass, broke two tackles and raced 92 yard for a td to tie it evem at 21-21. A minute later Ben Tate would make it 28-21 again tigers. key play of game came with 1:08 left in the 4th as A Savage took a fumble 56 yards for a TD puttingthe game out of reach. Late quick Td by the buffs would make it 35-28 but it was took late by then. Auburn suffered a setback this game, losing versitale Mario Fannin 4 weeks to a torn hamstring.

    D.Scott 21 rushs 91 yards 1 td
    C. Hawkins 15/25 283 2 td 6 int
    N. Kasa 5 tks 3tfl 3 sacks

    K. Burns 7/18 152 1 ts 2 int
    B tate 24 rush 91 2 td
    A. Savage 9 tks 1 fum rec 1 td
    M. Mcneil 5 tks 2 int

    Next Up: Aub travels to Rowdy Knowville to take on the 3-1 Vols

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