Week 4 - Broncos (24) @ Dolphins (30)

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    Sep 24, 2009
    Great game Bada.

    D/C problems were bad in the first place. Couldn't even get to coin toss without a D/C.

    Both of us deleted the old roster files and downloaded the new ones. Seemed to work then. And of course the unranked game first.

    Game started off with a good drive by denver and prater hitting a 27 yd FG.

    Phins would respond with a nice strike from Henne to Celek for a 32 yd TD.

    Phins would generate 20 unanswered. Carpenter hits a 58 yarder at only 94% and room to spare.

    Denver would respond with 14 straight and narrow the gap to 3.

    Miami responded with a nice drive to put them up 27-17. I think, the box score and the scoring summary are lying to me and i dont know whats going on and i dont really remember.

    Any way bada fought hard and nearly came back after a late score. Miami would recover the onsides and run for a first down, killing the clock. See ya in the playoffs bada!


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