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Week#4 Chargers 34 Cards 30

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by sammymitchell25, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. sammymitchell25

    sammymitchell25 Walk On

    Oct 12, 2009
    Week#4 Chargers 34 Cards 30


    There was a buzz around the league about this one, Chargers and Cards owners were at odds about when this game would be played. But it was too important, and too much money was at stake to let personal difference come between the sweet science, not boxing, but football.

    In Vegas, Chargers were a 7 point dawg in this one and the money came in pouring. As alot of owners took the underdog Chargers, putting even more pressure on San Diego to show up and play, only one owner (WEBLINK, u suck) took the favored Cards.

    Well the game started very bad for the Chargers, as the Cards came out firing on all cylinders, starting with a 51 yard TD pass from Leinart to Garvin before the Chargers even knew what happened, but missed the PAT, alot of that going around the league lately. Chargers answered with a Kaeting 29 yard FG, after kicking back to the Cards, Leinart lets another fly to Lawrence for an 87 yard TD on the first or second play of the drive giving the Cards a fast 13-3 lead right out of the gates. Lawrence looked great, thats why Leinart threw another TD pass to him once again on the first or second play of the drive, this time for 93 yards giving the Cards a big lead, 20-3 after the first quarter.

    Funny thing about those TD passes were that the Chargers DBs seemed to just stand there and let the Cardinals recievers just catch and run, never saw that before.

    Second quarter swung the way of the Chargers, as the D settled down and the offense started to turn it up, especially the great play of the rookie RB Ryan Mathews, who in quarter #2, took the rock 69 yards for the score, followed soon by a 2 yard rushing TD after an impressive drive bringing the Chargers within 3 points, 20-17. Cardinals, seeing thier lead diminish almost as fast as they got it, drove the ball down field again but the chargers stiffened up and created a turnover, getting the ball back with little time left in the half, after a few passes and runs, with no time left in the half, Kaeting tied the ballgame with a 27 yard FG to go into the half tied 20-20.

    I cant speak for Frisk, but I was shocked the game was tied and im sure he was shocked too. Now knowing this game was gonna come down to the wire and be an instant classic.

    In the 3rd, the Cards were at it again, and again it was Lawrence, who continuously burned the Charger defenders, this time for a 15 yard strike from Leinart for the go-ahead TD, 27-20 Cards, but the Chargers answer right back with a TD pass from Rivers to Gates, who was so wide open, no defender was 10-15 yards away, tying the game once again 27-27. Chargers get the ball back and strike quick with a 20 yard TD pass to Floyd, finally getting the lead 34-27 going into the 4th.

    The final quarter was different than the rest, the Chargers were trying to be more conservative, not to give up the big turnover. The Cardinals score a FG in the middle of the quarter after an impressive drive, score 34-30. The Chargers get it back running the ball trying to keep the Cards offense off the field hopefully for rest of the game, but the Cards had other plans, stopping the Chargers and making them punt it back to them. Cardinals take the ball down the field quickly, keeping the Chargers back on their heels, taking it down to the redzone. But Leinart, who was brilliant all game threw a killing INT that sealed their fate, after the game Interview with coach Frisk "Leinart didnt know that the FS was in man coverage, we all thought he was in zone. But the job wasnt done for the Chargers yet, with too much time and the Cards still holding their 3 timeouts, they still had a shot. 3rd down and 3 comes up with a minute to play and Mathews breaks a huge tackle to get the first down and put the game away with a few QB kneels.

    The biggest difference in the game was the rushing attack of the Chargers, began throwing alot with a few runs here and there, to running and getting first downs at-will and passing to keep the Cards honest.

    Great game Frisk, If you didnt have so many injuries to your defense, i know this game wouldve been different, one of the best games ive been apart of in a little while. What started out as a laugher in the making, quickly became a classic nailbiter.

    Good luck the rest of the season, and again apologize for the earlier incident we were apart of.


    Rivers: 16-22 297 yds 2TDs 3INTs
    Mathews: 25 car 197yds 2TDs
    Sproles: 14 car 50 yds
    Gates: 7 rec 167 yds TD
    Floyd: Rec TD


    Leinart: 17-30 440 yds 4TDs 2INTs
    Wells: 6 car 50 yds
    Lawrence: 3 rec 197 yds 3TDs
    Garvin: 2 rec 62yds TD
    Nicks: 5 rec 94 yds


    First downs: SD 21-ARIZ 11
    Pass yards: SD 282- ARIZ 433
    Rush yards: SD 246-ARIZ 49
    Time of Poss: SD 23:28-ARIZ 8:32
  2. Emmdotfrisk

    Emmdotfrisk Working half days on my days off.

    Oct 8, 2009
    good game sammy glad we got it in. I didn't realize you had the ball that much longer than me haha.
  3. sammymitchell25

    sammymitchell25 Walk On

    Oct 12, 2009
    yeah, me either, shocked when i saw, when you scored, you scored quick, I dont score that quick,

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