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Week 4 : Chicago @ Dallas

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by RynoAid, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. RynoAid

    RynoAid ..

    Feb 9, 2009

    Week 4's Monday night offering would showcase two teams struggling as the young season unfolds with the 1-2 Chicago Bears visiting the Death Star and the Dallas Cowboys, also 1-2. Both teams desperate to find their identities this season and get on track before they fall to far behind in their divisional races.

    The Cowboys feature the #6 defense in TLY coming into week 4 and it would show that is no fluke today. The game was a close, tight battle well into the 3rd quarter when the Cowboys broke it open with some long distance strikes to Miles Austin. Demarco Murray would also pound his way to his first 100 yard game, though it would take 30+ carries to do it.

    The most important sequence of the game occurred in the early 4th quarter. The Cowboys had possession of the ball and where up 14-10. Romo looked to a wide open Dez Bryant deep but he did not account for Brian Urlacher lurking in the short zone. The veteran LB leaped up and snagged the ball in a great athletic play and raced to the house to make it 17-14 Bears..and it was now getting late.

    But the much maligned Trindon Holliday would finally show why the Cowboys picked him up during camp as a return specialist. After two fumbles in consecutive weeks, there had been some whispers that he would not see week 4 in a Cowboy uniform but I guess you can't always believe what you hear. Holliday would take the kickoff and dash and dart for 70 yards deep into Bears territory. Dallas would have to settle for a FG though and tie the game.

    The Dallas defense would put the screws to Chicago and force a punt. Romo and company would chew the clock and chew up the yards in a game clinching drive that ended with a FG with less than 17 seconds left in the game. Cowboys win 20-17 in another slugfest.

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    Here's the video for your enjoyment.

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  2. AgenT Smith

    AgenT Smith Walk On

    Jun 7, 2012
    Yeah this was a really close game and really good.

    On the offensive side, I can't seem to get anything going consistently. I've been struggling running the ball especially. My line is...ahh it's not good right now. Had some success passing early but after that early INT, I got too conservative I think and I started settling more and attacking less. Brandon Marshall is not having the year I expected and it's partly my fault. Got some things to figure out on that line...

    On defense I think we're really good, especially against the run. We just got pounded and gave up a couple nice gains. In the passing game I gave up too many big plays to Dez Bryant and Miles Austin; that TD pass shouldn't have happened, I tried to hit stick on accident LOL. And I think Peppers was irrelevant that game, gotta move him around more and get Shea McClellin more involved.

    The big plays were definitely the deciding factor though and I didn't get enough of them. That missed FG (I hate kicking long FGs online cause of the slight lag) also killed me. I gotta learn to cut down on mistakes and turn this thing around, starting Week 5.

    GG Ryno

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