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Week 4 Dolphins-38 Bills-17

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by TRudethaDude, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. TRudethaDude

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    Jul 8, 2009
    Week 4 Dolphins-38 Bills-17

    In a rematch from week 1 action in Buffalo the Dolphins had redemption on their minds. Buffalo took the opening drive of the game the length of the field when they fumbled on the 2 yard line. Luckily for them their OL picked up the ball and punched the FR in for a TD(which is exactly what it should have been). The Dolphins drove right back down the field and capped off a TD drive of their own with Henne connecting with Gonzalez 7 yards out.

    In the second quarter the Dolphins took their first lead of the game on a 28 yard screen pass to RB Makino. Two plays from scrimmage later Marshawn Lunch ran through multiple Miami defenders for a 72 yard TD. The Dolphins would answer again and take control of the game on a 4th and inches play. After coming out in punt formation on his own 46, coach TRude brought up the OMFL rules and noticed he could indeed go for it! We'll show you what happened on that play:

    That was the play of the day. As it pertains to the "Come On play of the game" unfortunately the play wasn't available. Here is what happened though. Henne was picked off and almost had the pick ran back the other way when Henne himself blasted the Miami player and forced a fumble that the Dolphins recovered.

    Final score in this one was 38-17 Dolphins who now move to 2-2 on the year and back in within contention.

    *Good 2 Games to Bluebean who beat me earlier. im sure we will be close in record by the end of the season so best of luck.

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