Week 4 Lions @ Bears

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 4 Lions @ Bears

    Wat a game but guess who came up on the short stick again... The Lions. GG overall but the lions let another one slip away as the bears had a big lead then the lions came storming back after half and borught the game within 7 then Staffords mistakes and a couple fumbles let the bears pull away...
    Final Score Bears 62 Lions 47

    Stafford had his best game of the year with 312 yards and 4 TD's and 3 ints and another running back was found by the lions with aaron brown as he rushed 10 times for 138 yards and 2 scores.

    " Another game another loss, Not too happy bout it. No doubt we should be 2-2 or even 3-1 at this point weve let games slip away and we just need to play complete football. Im tired of losing the citys tired of losing.... i dont know well see"- a furious coach schwartz after the game

    P.S. sorry this ones so short but i mean what can i really say when we keep losing games we should win!!

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