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Week 4 Patriots 31 Bills 27

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Coach KO, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Coach KO

    Coach KO Walk On

    Sep 14, 2010

    New England Stuns Buffalo 31-27
    Patriots Overcome 10 point deficit in final 6 minutes for win


    Buffalo, NY- As it always turns out, when the New England Patriots travel to Buffalo, the games are always barn burners and tonights game was no exceptions. The Bills who started off fast and had the lead for most of the game just couldnt finish off the surprising Pats. This time, the Pats came back from the dead. They were down 10 with less than 6 minutes remaining to win the game. They pushed their winning streak to 4 games to remain unbeaten on the season and more importantly and improbably, they have moved into sole possesion of first place by virtue of Jets loss to the Oakland Raiders.

    The Patriots looked like they were ready to play as their defense stepped up and forced a 3 and out and their offense began marching up the field but thats when disaster struck. James Davis, fumbled on a 3rd down carry deep in Bills territory and Kalika Mitchell rambled 78 yards for a touchdown. Things went bad to worse as the Bills were able to capitalize quickly on good field postion after a Brady interception as You found Donald Driver for a 4 yard TD on 3rd down for a 14 point 1st quarter lead. "I wont lie, we were panicking. We havent been down that much all season and our game plan was all out whack. We were forcing things on offense. However, calmer heads prevailed." Said Coach KO.

    That they did. Those calmer heads came in the form of Thunder and Lightning. Hardesty and Davis were absolute monsters in this game as they once again rushed for close to 200 yards on the day. The Pats would have a long drive that would stall but gave them the confidence they could move the ball against the stout Bills defense. They had to settle for a fg. The only problem was the Patriots defense that looked stellar most of the half seemed to tire as Bills were able to move the ball and hammered a field goal of their own as the half ended 17-3 Bills.

    The Pats would start the second half with ball and the game plan was to pound the ball and that they did. They quickly got on the board thanks to James Davis who is quickly establishing himself as major weapon as he deeked two would be tacklers on his way to a 54 yard touchdown run to cut the lead to 17-10. Buffalo once again was able to move the ball fairly easy through the defense of the Pats as the zone blitz schemes of the Pats was not confusing the young QB from Yale but they did hold them to field goal 20-10. The good news for the Pats is they have young man by the name of Johnny Lee Higgins. They usually name assassins with three names and he is just that as he took yet another kickoff for a touchdown, this time from 93 yards out for his 3 of the season to cut the lead to 3. "It was a big score. We were getting a little down after their offense was able to get right through our defense so easily on long drive. Unfortunately it was short lived as they repeated their long drive." That they did. You would find Early for yet another touchdown to push the lead to 10 again late in the 3rd quarter and it appeared the Pats would be losing their 1st game under Coach KO.

    With the 4th quarter starting, the Pats would start with the ball and they would move towards midfield with the run but they were stopped a yard short of a first down. It was 4th and short and Coach KO decided to kick instead of going for it. It was curious decision but one that paid off as they were able to get good field postion. The Pats would use an interesting strategy however as they utilized the running game down the stretch to close the game to 3 as it was Hardesty and Davis once again leading the charge. Once again, Davis pushed the ball across the goaline, this time from 3 yards out to cut the lead to 27-24 with just over 3 and half minutes remaining. The Pats did have disaster strike has Gostowski mistakenly kicked the ball out of bounds giving the Bills the ball at the 40. "Obviously. It could have costs us the game. But, we had a special player make a special play. The Bills were able to get one first down immediately and after a 1st down run, the Pats decided to call a tme out before the 2 minnute warning to save time and talk about the next play. The wanted to keep Mayo in the middle field as they have been getting burnt by the TE in the middle of the field. Unfortunately the Bills must have looked for that hole as You fired a pass in that direction but Mayo stepped in front of that Pass with just enough momentum and raced to the sideline. As he was headed to the sideline he only had a lineman to beat and he just squeezed by him and he was off to the races as the Pats took the lead for the first time. On the next play from Scrimmage, You would make his second mistake of the game, this time Darius Butler would pick him off to seal the game.

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