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Week 4 Recaps

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Daplaymaker, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Daplaymaker

    Daplaymaker Walk On

    Feb 12, 2010
    Atlanta, GA -- The U visted town on Saturday afternoon with a 1-2 record looking to get back to .500 but the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets had other thoughts and sent the U back to Miami with a 1-3 record with a 23-10 win. Synjyn Days was hurt and out for the game and Senior Telvin Washington came into the game and went 7-13 with 82 yards and a touchdown. Both offenses for the most part were lack luster and the Yellow Jackets defense held strong to go along with Justin Moore's 3-3 field goals. Georgia Tech will host the 3-0 Middle Tennessee State next week..
  2. Fred Limbo

    Fred Limbo MVP

    Feb 10, 2011
    USC Battles Mizzu in my 1st user game of the year vs fpuent . The gamecocks jumped out to a early lead off 2 costly turnovers and never looked back. Mizzu did not give up and fought back to within 10 points but could not get any closer... was a good game​
    ScreenHunter_24 Jul. 29 20.42.jpg
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  3. hursty37

    hursty37 Walk On

    Jul 17, 2012
    ASU played Utah close but 6 turnovers proved to be to much to overcome. Bercovici threw 4 interceptions and Marshall fumbled twice in the 37-30 lose. ASU tried to rally late scoring 23 points in the second half but fell short.
    [​IMG] # Utah 14 10 13 0 37
    [​IMG] # Arizona State 7 0 7 16 30
    First Quarter
    0:38 TD [​IMG] Utah John White IV HB #15 0 yard TD (Coleman Petersen K #95 kick)
    3:02 TD [​IMG] ASU Max Smith TE #44 25 yard TD from Mike Bercovici QB #2 (Alex Garoutte K #25 kick)
    0:45 TD [​IMG] Utah Kelvin York HB #13 1 yard TD (Coleman Petersen K #95 kick)
    Second Quarter
    1:45 FG [​IMG] Utah Coleman Petersen K #95 40 yard FG
    0:02 TD [​IMG] Utah Keith McGill CB #1 28 yard TD (Coleman Petersen K #95 kick)
    Third Quarter
    4:24 TD [​IMG] ASU AJ Pickens WR #9 35 yard TD from Mike Bercovici QB #2 (Alex Garoutte K #25 kick)
    3:56 TD [​IMG] Utah Dres Anderson WR #6 20 yard TD from Jordan Wynn QB #3 (Coleman Petersen K #95 kick)
    0:16 TD [​IMG] Utah Eric Rowe FS #18 61 yard TD (Coleman Petersen K #95 kick)
    Fourth Quarter
    0:15 TD [​IMG] ASU Jamal Miles WR #32 8 yard TD from Mike Bercovici QB #2 (Cameron Marshall HB #26 kick)
    1:03 TD [​IMG] ASU Jamal Miles WR #32 9 yard TD from Mike Bercovici QB #2 (Cameron Marshall HB #26 kick)
  4. Crumbler81

    Crumbler81 Walk On

    Jul 5, 2012
    Ole Miss Goes on the Road, Picks up 1st Win
    One week after not showing up at home against #18 Texas, the Rebels pick up their first win of the season by beating Tulane 38 - 10. It was close until the Rebels exploded for 17 points in the 2nd Quarter behind two touchdown passes from Quarterback Bo Wallace, including a 74-yard TD pass to Wide Receiver Ja Mes Logan with only 9 seconds left in the half. The Ole Miss defense held Tulane to 0 points in the 2nd half, and turned it into a blowout behind a consistent running game with 211 yards on 38 carries. Next week, the Rebels open up their SEC schedule when they go on the road to face the 4th ranked and defending National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide.
    ScreenHunter_107 Jul. 30 13.55.jpg
    ScreenHunter_109 Jul. 30 13.57.jpg
  5. Shnoogans10

    Shnoogans10 Walk On

    Jul 19, 2011
    Mistakes Plague Aggie for an ugly win over Wyoming
    What should have been a confidence booster after A&M's first loss turned out to be way closer than anyone expected. The same team that scored 55 points on LA Tech and shut out Florida, just get passed Wyoming who is sitting at 1-4 now. The Ags dominated it seemed on Offense but when getting in or near the redzone, their would be a fumble or interception. In fact, Showers threw 4 INTs for the night and they lost 2 more fumbles. A&M's defense did their part but with so many turnovers only giving up 1 touchdown and two field goals is as good as you can wish for. Besides the numerous turnovers, A&M was in complete control. They had 21 minutes of possession compared to the Cowboys 8 minutes and nearly double the total yardage. Mosley said that he continues to keep the lineup the same and see how they act next week against Arkansas, but he did say that the playbook needs to be changed. Look for him to use a much more balanced style as opposed to the spread that has been used the past 4 weeks.
    Stats.jpg score.jpg
  6. Ian Moss

    Ian Moss Walk On

    Apr 15, 2012
    Mountaineers shell Maryland 38-29
    Morgantown, WV---​
    The Terrapins traveled on the road to Morgantown for there annual rivalry game against West Virginia and the rain was coming down all game.​
    Maryland scores on the first drive of the game on a 65 yard touchdown run by Justus Pickett which woke up the Mountaineers and they put up 21 first quarter points to lead 21-7 after the first quarter. Both teams went back and fourth but the Mountaineers led at the half 35-21.​
    The defenses clamped down for both teams and Maryland only allows a field goal in the second half and the Mountaineers allow a touchdown for a final score of 38-29.​
    We caught up with Coach Moss after the game. "We have always preached four quarters of football and to play hard every down. We saw why West Virginia is the #6 ranked team in the country in the first half. They did a lot of no huddle and had some big pass plays and big runs up the middle of the defense. We made some adjustments and the kids played great the second half. We kept pace with them only being down two touchdowns at the half. There defense really clamped us down and it didn't help that we lost Justus for the game and he is out two weeks so he will miss the ACC opener against Wake Forest. He had a great game for us and the ran ball well. I know Brandon Ross will step up for us and run the ball hard for us. Ricky Schultz had a decent game for us but tried to force some stuff but when your down you try to make plays thats what I like about him. He never gives up. We have next week off so we can rest and we host Wake Forest in the ACC opener and our guys will be ready for the challenge."​
    ACC opener against Wake Forest and its the homecoming game.​
    Players of the game for Maryland:​
    Justus Pickett HB 27 carries for 241 yards and 65 yard touchdown run.​
    Aaron Hartsfield 1 Interception.​
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  7. MZizzle2

    MZizzle2 Fresh Ta Def

    Jul 13, 2010
    Cal Fight Off the Men of Troy

    BERKELEY,CA-The Golden Bears were feeling great after their big upset victory over the Buckeyes of Ohio State and that momentum carried over into their week four game at the University of Southern California. Cal could not have asked for a better start, Keenan Allen returned the opening kickoff 104 yards for a touchdown. Allen has made play after play all year long and is making the case that he is one of the best play makers in all of college football.

    At the end of the first, Cal was up 14-0, but it did not take long for USC to get back into the game. The combination of Matt Barkley and Marqise Lee was too much for the Golden Bears to handle and they hooked up for two touchdowns in the second quarter. Isi Sofele did respond with a touchdown run of his own to give Cal a 21-14 lead at the half, but after such a great start the Golden Bears did not feel great about their chances in this game.

    The second half was a very competitive contest, USC was trying to mount a comeback and Cal was trying to hold them off. On the Trojans first drive of the second half they converted a 44 yard field goal and cut the lead to 4. Cal's prime time player stepped up again though and on Cal's first offensive play of the second half, Bridgford found Allen for a 62 yard touchdown. USC tried to come back throughout the second half, but they could never fully get back into it. The Golden Bears pulled off their second upset in a row and knocked off the men of Troy 35-32.

    Player of the Game: Keenan Allen-6 Rec, 151 Yards, 1 TD, 104 Yard Kickoff Return TD
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