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Week 4 Saints at Jags , season 1

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by sportyfan2000, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. sportyfan2000

    sportyfan2000 Walk On

    Jun 21, 2011
    the saints was looking be 2-2 at the early part of 1st quater of the season but loose 26-21 to jags who was the home team. the saints defense couldnt tackle at all in the 1st half , brees was looking for tim castille and didnt see robert mathis there , that took it for 6 to make it 10-0 end of 1st quater. The jags would score another td but this time on offense by marcdes lewis which went for 7 yards , the saints end the half with big play from brees to moore for 43 yards with 1 sec left on the clock and went into half losing 20-7 and being boo by road fans and actually more saint fans travel to jacksonville to watch the game but home team was a winner at least at the half.

    2nd half action started off good for saints as bree found graham in endzone wehre jags defenders just look around and look very confused on that play. The jags kept the ball for most of 3rd quater and jack del rio comment , thats how we like to play in this game. the jags punch it in with jennings but went for 2 and didnt it , the saints didnt have enough time get the ball back after making it 26-21 with late td with mark ingram who has now 2 td's on the season but his first rushing td of the season. brees finsh with 181 yards passing with 2 tds , 2 ints , 10/28 , had bad game in pass percentage , ingram finsh with 46 yards on the ground on 10 carries , colston was leading wide out with 71 yards . on defense , it was greers first int of season , martez wilson , rookie from Illinois has 2nd sack of the season and 1 sack in the game , frankin the former 49ers nose guard had 2 sacks in the game and now has two sacks this year so far.

    now heres top 5 plays from that game and i see least two for come on man .

    http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/92375864, brees to graham to start 2nd half on good note and jags d looking at each other ok was i suppose to cover this guy or what.

    http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/92375818 Moore rans past jags d for nice catch

    http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/92375818 Come on man tackle Greer

    http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/92375663 Come on man brees and coach sporty dont you know math is there.

    http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/92375982 Colston makes catch of the week.

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