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Week 4 Summaries

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by XWarriorMonk, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. XWarriorMonk

    XWarriorMonk Walk On

    Sep 18, 2012
    After Long Week Of Talk, Steelers Expose Patriots

    Coach Harris all week told his team to stay out of the news and focus on getting back to the basics. However the second year head coach was in the news all week back and fourth with New England. Defending his team up and down after a terrible loss to the Ravens. The Patriots had been very outspoken in terms of guaranteeing great defensive play and even got coach Harris riled up enough to guarantee a win for his Steelers. Well, he put his money where his mouth was. New England came to Pittsburgh and kicked off to the Steelers. Pittsburgh was able to march down the field easily and score on a touchdown from Ben Roethlisberger to Mike Wallace. This touchdown was significant because all week Snozberries boasted that Darrelle Revis was the best corner back in the league, guess who covered Mike Wallace on this play. The first half was chippy between both teams, but Pittsburgh stayed on top going into half 24-14. The second half got a little more defensive, with ALOT of hard hits, and a lot of turnovers, but not as many from Big Ben as predicted by the Patriots. Tom Brady threw interceptions left and right, three of which were grabbed by the player of the game Lawrence Timmons. Timmons also forced a late goaline fumble against the Patriots that would have put New England down 31-28. The Patriots would have SIX straight drives without Pittsburgh making points out of theirs, but each drive was thwarted by either interceptions or fumbles. Although Ben threw two interceptions of his own and is still struggling with his own on field issues, he was able to toss 4 touchdowns in this game (3 of which were thrown over Darrelle Revis' head). Tom Brady throws 7 interceptions, and the score between these rival teams is settled. Pittsburgh wins. Both teams will be competing for playoff spots, and maybe we will see another matchup between them.
    Darrelle Revis was a non factor in this one, Patriots fall to 3-1.

    GG Snoz :)
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