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Week 4 Texans (27) - Jaguars (24) Overtime

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by obwhite, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. obwhite

    obwhite Who Dat Nation!

    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 4 Texans (27) - Jaguars (24) Overtime

    DeMeco Ryans Shows why he's the captain


    2 Int's, 8 tackles​

    This division matchup is always heated, the Jaguars owner is not a big fan of the Texans and he makes it known everytime they face each other. This had coach obwhite especially ready for this game. Researching from other coaches he learned that the playaction pass was the super powerful Jag's achillies heel. The texans would run 4 or 5 crucial play actions into the flats for critical first downs throughout the game. The jaguars however wouldn't be fooled for long, their coach had them well prepared for the Texans and would answer back everytime the Texans could put points on the board.

    The game would start with an elusive 11 yards run by Steve Slaton a few minutes into the game. A well times blitz would catch Drew Brees off guard and force an early interception and put the Texans back in great field position. However, as the Texans were driving inside the 30, the Jag's would force a Steve Slaton fumble and regain posession of the ball.

    There would be no more scoring in the game until half way through the 2nd quarter when Jones-Drew busted a 2 yards toss tying the game at 7-7. However with a lil over 3 minutes left and Matt Schaub with the ball, it was more than enough time to get the ball down field and let Rookie Middlebrook punch it in with :57 seconds left in the half.

    Halftime score 14-7 Texans

    The third quarter the Texans would go up 17-7 after a Kris Brown fieldgoal. However, the rest of the 3rd would belong to the Jag's after Price knocked in a 35 yard field goal and then Steve Smith would catch a slant and take it 71 yards to the house, this would tie the game 17-17 going into the fourth quarter and make it anybodies game!

    A lil under 3 minutes into the 4th, the Texans would retake the lead when Middlebrook punched it in for his 2nd TD of the day. They would hold the lead the entire quarter, until the Jags put together a masterful drive and let MJD dive up the middle from 6 yards out to tie the game with only :38 seconds left. The texans would try to get down field quickly but only made it to midfield before the Jag's Defense stiffened up and stopped them!


    The Texans were lucky enough to win the toss and both teams knew the kinda game this was that the team to win the toss would probably win the game. However, the Jag's held the Texans on 1st and 2nd down leaving a critial 3rd and 1. And that's when Middlebrook proved why they they drafted him. He used his strength to break 2 arm tackles and go 71 yards down to the 12 yard line and then Kris Brown would seal the deal.

    This truly was a great game and any fan lucky enough to be in attendance will surely never forget the performance of both teams!

    Game Stats


    Matt Schaub - 21-27, 199 yards, 0 td, 0 int
    Drew Brees - 20-36, 254 yards, 1 td, 3 int


    Steve Slaton - 13 carries, 119 yards, 1 td
    Domico Middlebrook - 6 carries, 71 yards, 2 td's

    Maurice Jones-Drew - 15 carries, 69 yards, 2 td's


    Owen Daniels - 8 catches, 77 yards
    Andre Johnson - 4 catches, 49 yards
    Patrick Turner - 2 catches, 35 yards

    Steve Smith - 8 catches, 149 yards, 1 td
    M. Jones-Drew - 6 catches, 46 yards
    Jarett Dillard - 2 catches, 19 yards


    DeMeco Ryans - 2 interceptions, 8 tackles
    Erik Coleman - 1 interception, 6 tackles

    Patrick Kerney - 2 sacks, 4 tackles
    Luis Castillo - 1 sack, 4 tackles
    C.J. Wallace - 1 Forced fumble, 4 tackles

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