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Week 5: Chargers @ Saints

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Ace847, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Ace847

    Ace847 Walk On

    Jun 15, 2012
    The 4-0 Saints host the 3-1 Chargers for this sunday night showdown.

    The Saints decided to receive the ball and had a nice drive interupted by a Chargers interception. The Chargers drove down the field behind the effective rushing attack of Ryan Matthews ending in a 51 yard FG by Nate Kaeding. The Saints answered back at the end of the first quarter with a short pass taken over 87 yards for a huge TD. The Chargers would pull back a little and play some more conservative defense after getting burned on this play.

    In the second quarter Kaeding would add another long FG for 50 yards to close the gap to 6-7. The next possession Brees got picked off by Butler who returned it 42 yards to the house making it 13-7 Chargers lead. Of couirse Brees would answer back in his veteran way and drive his team down the field to score after his pick six making it 13-14. After forcing the Chargers to punt Drew Brees drove all the way down the field only to add to his rough day with an untimely interception by the newly signed cb A. Cason who took it 79 yards for a TD! The half ended SD 20 NO 14.

    The Chargers received the ball the second half and put together a six and a half minute drive led by Ryan Matthews that ended in a Malcom Floyd TD. On this play Rivers audibled to a fade after the Saints showed man coverage by manually pressing the WR's and Rivers tossed up a perfect ball for is WR to put the Chargers up 27-14.

    In the fourth quarter Drew Brees would show why he is probably one of the top candidates for the MVP this year by answering back with two scoring drives leading to 2 TD passes in a row to Colston and Henderson willing his team to a one point lead with about 4 minutes to go (27-28). Brees had a huge day throwing for 450 yards and 4 TD's but added 4 interceptions as well.

    After Brees mounted his comeback Rivers would be given another chance to win the game... The Charger started at their own 15 yard line and drove down the field relying mostly on the solid running of Matthews but also a few huge passes by Rivers. On third and 6 Rivers hit Antonio Gates who forced his way to a first down around the 50 yard line but took a bad fall which ended up being the injury that will keep him out for 8 weeks! But we couldnt have asked for a better way to go out! Rookie TE Ladarius Green would take his place and with less than a minute and a half to go he would catch a 15 yard pass by Rivers to put the chargers in FG range. The Chargers didnt get much closer running the ball and had to settle with a 49 yard FG with 8 second left. Kaeding didnt get all of it at all (it was about 3 quarters of an inch off) but it would be good enough as it barely flew over the goal post solidifying a Chargers victory!

    Player of the game: Ryan Matthews: 29 carries for 150 yards. Nate Kaeding was a close second: 3/3 FG's all around 50 yards including the game winner!

    GG CWT 3000 !

    Chargers: 30 Saints: 28
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  2. CWT 3000

    CWT 3000 Walk On

    Sep 4, 2010

    A really good game, that took on a life of it's own. The Chargers defenders were ball Hawks all day, making tough interceptions and just making plays for the ball. Throw in a few tough calls by the refs and it became too many obstacles to overcome. The two pic 6's right before the half was a killer, but we overcame. What disappoints me as a coach is I did not want to throw it that much, but I constantly found myself having to dig myself out of some kind of hole. Jimmy Graham finally had a good week with his first 100-yard game. Next time the Saints will convert a few more opportunities, and change the outcome significantly:)

    As far as injuries goes we lost DT Bunkley for 7 weeks with a broken clavical. In return, our bounty on Antonio Gates was collected this weekend by herniating a disc in his low back. Bounty Gate 2012 count: 2 (Jamal Charles, A. Gates).

    For the Saints going forward we actually gained some confidence. This would be our toughest defensive match-up thus far and as an offensive unit we did well minus the damn TO. On defense we only gave up 1 offensive TD and forced three LONG FGs. We just have to get out to bigger leads and we'll be fine.:)

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