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Week 5 Falcons (37) vs Browns (38)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Gabeastmode, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Gabeastmode

    Gabeastmode Walk On

    Jun 1, 2010
    Week 5 Falcons (37) vs Browns (38)

    This was a offensive game the entire 4 quarters of play. The Browns stand tall and get the hungry new Falcons and Matt Ryans with that lethal passing attack speedy Roddy White and Gonzalez. First quarter the game was Browns strike first behind the strong legs of James Harrison 2 yard touchdown run. The Falcons wasn't letting me slide away that easy as they drove down the field throwing the ball and connecting 17 yards out with the mighty Tony Gonzalez from Matt Ryan.
    Second quarter was a slow quarter nothing really big happen. Harrison scored from a 16 yard burst and a field goal scored by Bryant making it 17 tight going into halftime. The start of third quarter things where going to get crazy. The browns running game started to get hot as Harrison scored from a 51 yard rush right up the gut and down the middle of the field. That's wasn't it the following series the rookie came in Hardesty to give Harrison a moment to catch his wind. Boy did he used the best of it breaking on a run bouncing outside for 46 yards down the stretch of the field collecting his first career nfl touchdown. The Falcons later went down field got stop and made a 54 yard fieldgoal from the strong leg of Meier.
    Fourth quarter the flacons was on a streak can't be stop fullback Mughelli scored twice on a 1 yard run in goaline. James Harrison wasn't done he broke on a 80 yard run that was crazy and after the Falcons tied the game up he decided to go for two and with a good rush Matt Ryan ran out the pocket and never had a chance player of the game James harrison 24 att 260 yards and 4 td's.

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