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Week 5 - Saints 41 vs Falcons 24

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009

    Saints Take Down Mighty Falcons - Topple Another NFCS PowerNew Orleans, LA- Savage Mason Reporting


    Just two short weeks ago the Saints season looked to be in the can. Losing some key players on defense, a defense already ranked at the bottom, a offense struggling to find an identity, and a mighty falcons team who stomped all over the Saints in Atlanta. Saints take out the Bucs after going back to the drawing board, but in come those same hard to stop falcons for their 2nd match up in just 3 weeks.

    Here's a look at how these two teams matched up:


    Saints would lose the toss and the Falcons would defer. Saints would get a nice drive going, but the very fast and blitz heavy Bucs would force a punt. The Bucs would take no time at all to get on the board marching it right down the field on an 80 yard drive which was capped off by rookie sensation Boates from 14 yards out. 7-0 Falcons.​
    Saints would come back and go back to what helped win the game last week. A heavy dose of Brees with Bush busting up some great runs. The drive would again stall though as the Saints had a hard time containing the best 2 de's that Coach Nate has ever seen. "Ive never seen an owner who can control his DE's like this cat can.". Hartley would get a 34 yarder to make it 7-3 Falcons.​
    The Falcons have a deadly combo of Ryan, Boates, Blake, and Talbert. These are some of the best at their position in the OMFL, and make the Falcons a team that you just hold on and hope the scoring stops with you still winning. Falcons would go right back at it with Ryan hitting Blake for a 37 yard td to go up 14-3 and looked to be cruising to another easy victory over the Saints.​
    Saints would battle back and eat up the clock with a long drive. This one would be capped off by a Bush 8 yard td run to make it 14-10 Falcons.​
    After getting the ball back the Saints would try to strike quick and take the lead. Brees would find Henderson with 1-1 coverage and no safety help for the long 64 yard td play. 17-14 Saints.​
    Falcons wouldn't take it lightly though as they would be forced to punt, but would hit Brees as he threw and pick him off to turn around and get 3 easy points to tie the game at 17 at halftime.​
    Costly mistakes like this have bitten the Saints all year long.​
    Saints would force a punt by the Falcons and get to work again. This time Bush would punch it in from 2 yards out after some key first downs were picked up. Bad news was the Saints would lose rookie WR Tucker for several weeks with a broken thumb. Saints would actually lose several key players, Tucker, Brown, and their FB for a lot of the game. 24-17 Saints.​
    Saints would get an int of their own and this time Brees would find Lawrence, who took Tuckers place, for a 55 yard td pass. 31-17 Saints.​
    Falcons would get back to work and Ryan would begin to carve up the Saints Zone defense for some big plays. Jones would get behind for a 31 yard td as the Falcons pull closer 24-31, Saints.​
    The 4th quarter would see the Saints put it away with good defense and a Greene 1 yard td run and a Hartley 52 yard fg to make the final score 41-24 Saints.​
    Scoring Summary:

    Player & Team Stats on the game:


    Great game Obisian. You're team is, imo, only comparable to the Jags of a few seasons ago. You're fast, good play calling, and just know how to make plays with your guys. One of the most frustrating teams to face, and I am glad I don't have too any more. GL the rest of the way.

    Player of the game:

    QB Drew Brees
    19/28 for 352 and 2 tds, it's been several seasons since the OMFL has seen stats like that from QB Drew Brees. Brees is going back to some roots with the Saints as the play calling has increased, the pass attempts have went up, and the Saints are allowing their star to find his targets and have fun again. If Brees can stay healthy, keep away from the hit/lob/ints, and the Saints can keep finding the right combo - big things may finally come out of the Big Easy this year.

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