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Week 5 summaries S7

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Oshiomogho, May 14, 2011.

  1. Oshiomogho

    Oshiomogho Donnie Darko

    Mar 12, 2011
    SDSU @ Air Force!

    SDSU receives but FUMBLES over the ball!!

    took 4 plays to get a few yards but Air Forces scores to get the 7-0 lead on a short carry

    mounting a good drive through the air, the aztecs march down but are intercepted before they can attempt the FG

    a 3 and out for Air FOrce on a great defensive play by Dawson to stop a TD.

    after a few plays and a first down, the Falcon defense tried to take over but andrews stayed calm on 3rd down and hits everett on a big 3rd down completion to keep moving. after a short pass and an overthrow, Andrews hits Lewis on another 3rd down completion to get into the redzone and end the first quater. another 3rd down completion gets them to the 2. and andrews takes it himself!! 7-7 on the LONG drive

    1 play later, Bell snatches an INT!

    from the 25, the aztecs now have a chance to take the lead. after a nice run and a false start, Andrews misses a wide open everett to fail on a TD. but the next play, Banks beats the CB and hauls in another TD on his terrific year. 14-7

    momentum is shifting as an open WR drops a deep pass for AF. but smith makes some plays and te offense starts moving. inside the 30, the Aztecs force a 4th and inches but the FB picks it up to move the sticks. a nice pass gets them inside the 5. BUT a GREAT goal line stand forces them to kick a FG to end the half 14-10! aztecs up

    AF receives... and scores. special teams is killing the aztecs today

    another INT on 3rd down gives AF the ball and Barrett needs one play. 24-14

    momentum is now in AF favor and the next drive starts with 2 sacks and sets up 3rd and 28 and a forced throw is picked

    another easy score for barrett. 31-14

    with the game feelign out of reach, SDSU slows it down to attempt to kill some AF swag. but it still brings up a punt.

    conservative AF punts

    a pushing aztec team is able to get a pass TD on hte board just before the 4th quarter to make it 31-21 and maybe some life.

    but AF realizes the momentum shift and kills that idea with a bomb. a few plays later, the FB takes it in to go back up 17.

    frustrated again, i start pushing hard and not using much clock. and andrews takes it himself! 38-28

    Air Force wont roll over and moved the ball again to use the clock up. the falcons kick a FG to go up 13 with 1:17 remaining.

    but a terrible play for the ball is another INT for him.

    3 and out for AF but all TOs are now gone for SDSU

    time now running out but the aztecs are moving the ball. and the clock runs out in the red zone. 41-28 final

    the special teams and defense of AF raped me which will make Barretts day seem WAY better then it was. in fact, he didnt even need to use much offense with his field position all day.

    tough loss but its not a game i deserved to win with a few of te passes I forced

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