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Week 5 - Titans (28) @ Colts (34) OT

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by mustang20241, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. mustang20241

    mustang20241 Walk On

    Sep 24, 2009
    Week 5 - Titans (28) @ Colts (34) OT

    Colts hold on after blowing a 14 point lead.

    Ox played great and for the second straight week the Colts allowed a 250+ yard rusher. CJ scored on a 79 yards run on the titans first offensive possession. Just a sign of things to come as he would score on 3 occasions. CJ wasn't the only star of the game was McNabb dominated in his Colt debut. 5 TD's on the day along with the game winner. As much as CJ dominated he also cost the Titans the game. Ox decided to use CJ as the punt returner and kick returner and CJ fumbled once on the kickoff leading to a 28-14 colts lead and fumbled the punt that cost them the game.

    Ox played great D and held westbrook and girley in check. Mcnabb ran well on crucial downs for a total of 4 rushes for 50 yards. Cassell also had a decent day through the air after the titans established a ground game. Colts were up 28-14, Titans responded with a TD and held the colts dry for the remainder of regulation. On a big 4th and inches play the Colts were up by 7 and had established some momentum on a drive but decided to punt the ball. Titans would score leaving little time on the clock. McNabb and company moved well but could not get into FG range. Colts won the OT toss and moved for a first down but thats all. A good punt to the 2 yard line seemed returnable but CJ was drilled within one second of fielding it and made a tackle at the 1 to save a TD. It didnt matter as the Colts would use a PA pass and hit Greg Jones for the win.

    GG Ox, see you later this season. I'm sure you will be looking foward to it.
    McNabb - 20/33 - 244 Yds - 5 Td - 1 Int - 4 rush - 49 yds
    Westbrook - 9 rush - 35 Yds - 4 Rec - 20 Yds - 1 Td
    Ginn - 6 Rec - 77 Yds - 2 Td

    Cassell - 19/29 - 214 Yds - 1 Td - 3 Int
    Johnson - 24 rush - 279 Yds - 3 Td - 3 Rec - 11 Yds
    Britt - 3 Rec - 52 Yds - 1 Td

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