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Week 5

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Stykman, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Stykman

    Stykman RC & MEGA Historian

    Jul 26, 2009
    Week 5

    Philadelphia, PA - Anj and the Pats came calling. These 2 coaches have been beating up on each other for YEARS. And it ain't over yet...

    The game started off fast for the Birds, as DeSaean Jackson returned the Openning Kickoff 102 Yards for a TD.

    7-0 Eags

    The Pats 1st 2 plays on O, Brady would be sacked for a total of 10 yards. Then on 3rd and 20, Brady hits WR Sam Aiken for a Huge 46 yard gain. But the Philly D stiffened, and allowed only a 38 yard Gotskowski FG.

    7-3 Eags

    The 2nd Quarter would see Ryan Longwell hit from 51 Yards, to put the Eags up 10-3. An then at the end of the half, the Pats tried a pass over the middle that was picked off. Donovan McNabb then with under 20 seconds, hit 2 recievers for quick 12 yard gains, and on ther final play of the first half, Longwell was true again from 37 yards.

    Half - Eags 13-3.

    The Eagle Defense continued to stifle Tom Brady. "Mr. Perfect" was intercepted again in the 2nd half, this time, by his old buddy Asante Samuel. Ryan Longwell would add his 3rd and fourth Field Goals from 25 and 41 to close out the scoring.

    Pats 3
    Eags 19

    GG anj. Until we meet again.
  2. Thelou

    Thelou Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    Jags @ Panthers

    The Jags visited Carolina and found some unhospitable host. On the opening drive Carolina would use the legs of Williams and Young to mount a nice drive down inside the Jags redzone but the Jags defense would hold and force the Panthers to kick a FG giving them a quick 3-0 lead. That would be the only good news of the day for the Panthers as the Jags would score the next 24 points mainly off of turnovers by Panthers QB Vince Young. Young would throw 6 INTS and the Panthers never recovered.

    After the FG by the Panthers the Jags would score quick. After a nice return to their 30yd line, QB James would hit WR Phelps for a 27yd gain down to the Panthers 43yd line. On the next play, James would find his TE Squirek on an out route and he would take it 43yds for the TD giving the Jags the lead at 7-3. In the second quarter James would find Lelie for a 9yd TD pass and Scobee would kick a FG to make it 17-3 at the half. Both teams would trade turnovers in the third quarter with no scoring and in the fourth quarter the Jags would end the scoring after James would find Squirek again for another TD. Final score Jags 24, Panthers 3. GG n GL the rest of the way Gotham.



    CB Rashean Mathis 3 INTS, 3 TAK


    HB DeAngelo Williams 17 carries for 117 yds
  3. scared46

    scared46 Walk On

    Aug 16, 2009
    Lions would travel to Chicago and see if they could get their first win of the season.

    Bears scored 10 in the first half and it stay that until the fourth quarter were the Lions would score 10 and take the lead 13-10 with TD to Derrick Williams (49yds) with only 35 sec's left in the game and the Lions would all off the bears to get their first win of the season.

    I still can't believe how open Derrick was on a 4th and 11 (or so) because your pass defense was just outstanding. GG Scar see ya in Detroit.
  4. stealth

    stealth Walk On

    Aug 1, 2009
    Bengals @ Steelers

    This would be an ugly ugly game for the steelers

    Bengals get the scoring going in the 1st qrt as Hb Scott goes 27yds for the td. 7-0.

    2nd qrt

    Bengals get another scoring drive going and hb benson would finish it off with a short td run 14-0. Steelers offense would struggle and it didnt help when holmes was lost for the game. This was the kind of game it was Bengals go on another drive and Hb Gay would pick off QB Palmer near the endzone and he would look to have a clear path all the way to his endzone but would be caught from behind at the 5 yd line. Bengals defense would keep them out of the endzone and Steelers settle for the fg-14-3

    Things would only go down hill from there as if the steelers werent throwing an int they were fumbling the ball . the turnovers lead to very short fields for the Bengals offense and 3 Bengals defense tds. the finally 1 coming in the 4th qrt when QB Roth looks to throw a screen pass to Hb Parker but De Johnson picks the pass off and walks into the endzone.


    Bengals 52 Steelers 3

    gg Hoyt - this was just 1 of those games
  5. hoytpower

    hoytpower Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    GG stealth

    See ya in cincy
  6. Trashyman44

    Trashyman44 THELOU CRUSHER

    Dec 6, 2009

    what a joke,52-3

    this shouldn't be allowed
  7. bigmandy54

    bigmandy54 mac54

    Nov 14, 2009
  8. Trashyman44

    Trashyman44 THELOU CRUSHER

    Dec 6, 2009

    i agree, no need to run it in or run it up.
  9. DrunkenSoldier

    DrunkenSoldier Luck Of The Irish

    Jun 30, 2009
    Packers opened up the game with a nice scoring drive capped of with an Aaron Rodgers TD pass to Greg Jennnings. The Giants would answer right back with a 49 yd TD pass by Eli Manning, that would be all the scoring in the 1st quarter.

    Packers would play most of the second quarter in Giant territory but would only be able to muster 2 Field goals, to make the score at the half 13-7 Packers.

    The Packers would open the second half with a nice drive but Giants defense would close the door in the redzone again but The Pack would add another Field Goal. After a Giant Turnover The Packers would finally pound one in for a TD to make the score at the end of 3 quarters 23-7.

    The Giants would score on a Manning deep ball to Hixon who would make some nice moves before diving iinto the endzone early in the 4th and would add a 2 pt conversion to make the final 23-15. The Packers defense played great in this game forcing 3 INT's and only holding the Giants to 196 yds offense, 31 yds rushing. Packers get some revenge from last year as the Giants knocked out the Pack in last years playoffs.

    LeRon James 31 carries for 121 yds and 1 TD

    GG Chris
  10. Mags

    Mags Former MEGA PC Commish

    Feb 20, 2009
    INDIANAPOLIS, IN - The Ravens paid a visit to Lucas Oil Stadium to take on the Colts and Peyton Manning, and bruising RB Bjoren Mason. The Indy D made the first big play on an INT by Riley. Mason pounded away and Manning made critical throws on a drive which netted a touchdown by Mason. The Ravens struck back with a long drive of their own. A long pass to Tiquan Underwood got the Ravens inside the 5. LeRon McClain scored on a short run to tie the game at 7. Trevor Pryce, patrolling the flats, intercepted Manning, but the Raven O was forced to punt. Both teams would punt again, and this time Manning and Mason drove the ball into the redzone until Mason left with an injury. In stepped Donnie Brown, who scored on a short run. The Ravens would be intercepted on a deep heave at the gun and the Colts held a 14-7 lead and would get the ball.

    The Ravens D forced a 3 and out to open the half, and the offense capitalized. Flacco stalled in the redzone, but the Ravens settled for 3. On the next drive, Dom Foxworth snuffed out a Manning pass underneath intended for Wayne. Foxworth caught it in stride and 20 yards later the Ravens had a 17-14 lead. Once again, the Ravens D would not let Manning convert a 3rd down pass. The Baltimore offense went on a march keyed by a 3rd down conversion by Ray Rice. Flacco playfaked and hit Todd Heap for a 6 yard score. The 24-14 lead would be preserved by the defense. Manning marched down the field on a long drive, but an errant throw into a crowded endzone was picked off by Tavares Gooden. The Ravens were able to run out the clock for the win.

    GG Mickey

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