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Week 6 (2.0) 49ers @ Lions

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by biggcoug65, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. biggcoug65

    biggcoug65 49er for Life

    Aug 30, 2011
    San Francisco 49ers 27 - Detroit Lions 19

    Detroit, MI

    The 49ers were looking to go 3-0 in the eastern time zone this year, and held off the high-powered Lions offense in this one. The lions drove down the field easily on the game's first drive, but the Niners D tightened up in their territory and held the Lions to a FG, this would be a theme today. On the Niners next possession, they made their way into Lions territory relatively easy, and Colin Kaepernick scrambled for a TD from 6 yards out to make the score 7-3 after the 1st. In the 2nd quarter, the Niners had the ball and Kaepernick found Vernon Davis wide open in the middle of the field and he ran it in from 63 yards out with no one even near him to make it 14-3. On the next Lions possession, they again made their way down field fairly easily, but again were stalled in Niner territory and were forced to kick another FG with 47 seconds left in the half. The Niners could have played it safe here, as they were getting the ball back in the 2nd half, but they decided to see what the rookie could do and he torched the Lions' secondary, making their way deep into Lions territory, setting them up for a FG just before halftime. So the halftime score in Detroit was the 49ers 17, the Lions 6.
    On the 1st play of the 2nd half, the Niners used the Lions aggressiveness against them, and they ran a draw to Frank Gore, who broke the line of scrimmage, then cut to the outside and outran all Lions defenders on his way to an 81 yard TD. On the Lions next play after the kick, Stafford found Burleson streaking on the left side for a 68 yard TD pass to make it 24-13. The Niners were forced to punt on their next drive, and the lions made their way into Niner territory, but again had to settle for a FG. On the next Niners possession, with the momentum on the Lions side, they decided to go for it on a 4th and inches from around midfield, but were denied, so the Lions took the ball over with momentum and the ball in great field position. Once again, the Niners defense proved tough as they would hold the Lions to another FG to make the score now 24-19. In the 4th quarter, the Niners would add an Akers FG to bring the lead back to 8. The Lions took the ball, and slowly worked their way into Niner territory again, but Stafford floated a pass to the sideline and it was picked off by Dashon Goldson. The Niners would hand the ball off to Frank Gore a few more times to seal the victory and escape Detroit 6-0.


    C. Kaepernick (SF) - 14/20 for 248 yards 1 TD 1 INT
    M. Stafford (DET) - 15/25 for 214 yards 1 TD 1 INT

    F. Gore (SF) - 22 for 182 yards 1 TD
    J. Best (DET) - 19 for 92 yards

    V. Davis (SF) - 7 for 157 yards 1 TD
    M. Crabtree (SF) - 3 for 38 yards
    N. Burleson (DET) - 3 for 84 yards 1 TD
    M. Stovall (DET) - 5 for 82 yards

    Player of the Game:
    Vernon Davis & Frank Gore

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