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Week 6 Eagles 32 Ravens 17

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by VishaL, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. VishaL

    VishaL OMFL Eagles / PMFL Seahawks

    Oct 8, 2009
    We are in Philly today as the batimore ravens are in town, the weather is nasty as the rain is pouring down, the ravens win the toss and will kick to start us off, djax brings the ball out to the 21 yard line , eagles start. With running the ball with jelean Robinson countintuing to add up first downs but the drive would stall and the eagles would attempt a 56 yard field goal in the nasty rain, Brett Swenson is able to knock it through but barley as eagles go up 3-0

    Ravens ball and on the first play Ray rice would gain 4 yards but would get hurt and would not return for the rest of the game, ravens are unable to get a first down and we get our first punt of the day
    The eagles on there first play of the second drive Kevin kolb connects with djax who takes it 57 yard to pay dirrt and with less than 3 mins into the game eagles are up 10-0

    The ravens are moving the ball now and are able to get some first downs as tasarshed choice is replacing Ray rice, the drive stall tho and the ravens attempt a 60 yard field goal which is no good and the eagles take over with good field goal position, but the eagles are also unable to get a first down but pick up 6!yards or so on a run, Brett Swenson of the eagles tries a 59 yard field goal which is also no good,

    Ravens have good field position and get a big catch bynthe tight end cosh which gets them into the redzone, but flacco would get picked off by leron winters at the 9 yard line, eagles go back to pounding the ball with jelean Robinson then get a nice catch by Lincoln which gets them to mid field, after some short runs the eagles settle for another Swenson field goal this time from 55 yards out. 13-0

    Both teams would trade punts early in the second quarter then the eagles would fumble when jelean Robinson is stripped and the ravens get the ball, on the very next play the ravens would fumble it right back when choice puts it on the ground and the eagles pick it up, the eagles ball now but unable to do anything with this possession and are forced into another punt, ravens miss the fair catch and the ball rolls to the 7 yard line with less than two minutes until halftime, Joe flacco drops back but gets sacked by brodrick bunkley in the end zone and it's a saftey 15-0 eagles, which takes us to halftime

    -******halftime eagles 15 ravens 0*******-

    Ravnes get the ball first in the 3rd quarter, flacco is airing it out now and Antonine bell gets a nice gain on a catch and gets the ravens a first down, but on the next play falco is picked off by Nate allen and the third year free saftey would take it to the house 48 yards for the touchdown 22-0 eagles

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